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    This seems like such a simple idea, and yet it takes a long time to put each one together, and have completed several of them… I’ve been sitting on them for a pretty long time.

    Having finally gotten more shelving in my geek cave (thanks to Zloth and his birthday gift of a Wal-Mart gift card), I finally started deploying my loose action figure collection in earnest. TBH, given how stressful the past couple of months have been, getting these out, dusting them off, and figuring out how I wanted to display them has proven to be much-needed therapy. The first one finally premiered on YouTube last week; the ones after it are much better and more focused on one aspect or another of the collection. I’ll probably roll them out once a week. (There are already – let me see – nine of these in the can.)

    The opening montage & music & logo…date back to last year, when I first started thinking about doing this and then got kind of self-conscious about the idea. (See below.)

    Why did I put them together and then sit on them for so long? I’m kind of shelf-conscious (ha!) about coming across as a show-off. The Phosphor Dot Fossils videos are about playing some games, imparting some knowledge from the history of the game business, shoot it in one take (unless something really major goes wrong, necessitating a reshoot), and done, with little/no editing. Shelf-Discovery is, on the other hand, all editing – I shoot probably 10-12 minutes of video, including retakes, with my cell phone, with roughly a 5 minute final edit in mind. The text takes a long time to add, but not everything needs to be a voice-over. I reserve the right to rethink that at a later date though. Voice-overs would get things done much faster than generating an average of 30 unique graphics per 5-minute show (!!).

    Considering the money crunch that I’ve been under of late, I’ll admit that the optics of having a big collection of action figures kind of bugged me. (For the record: I actually had a local collectibles store look over photos of everything to give me a valuation…I was kind of stunned by the lowball price tag they placed on it all. I get it, nearly everything’s been out of the original packaging, sometimes for as much as 40 years, pieces are missing, the older items were – gasp! – played with…but damn. It’s worth more to me to just hang on to the stuff for the fond memories tied up in it all.)

    It’s an experiment; we’ll see if it gets as much response as the Phosphor Dot Fossils videos have gotten. Future installments concentrate on my collection of Tron and classic video game memorabilia, Doctor Who figures, ST:TNG figures and playsets, Doctor Who metal gaming miniatures, restoring vintage Kenner Star Wars playsets to their former glory, my jacket-of-many-NASA-mission-pins, and installing LED lighting in a Kenner Death Star playset (!). Ideally, it’d be neat if this series drew in some more Patreon patrons, allowing me to pick up more shelving and thus put more stuff on display. Future topics I have in mind are toys related to real space missions, The Black Hole, Babylon 5, Star Wars prequel & sequel toys, Star Trek DS9 and Voyager figures, and maybe an unboxing or two. (It’d be really neat to develop some kind of relationship with a company like Super7 or Funko or Diamond Select, but I’m not holding my breath.)

    If it fails to generate much in the way of response…well, I can put Shelf-Discovery back on the shelf and say I gave it my best try.

    (For the record, the shelves I prefer for displaying this stuff is these: [LINK]…fairly inexpensive, durable, and interlockable, which is kind of neat. I’m hoping to get another 3 sets of them in this room before calling it a day. Highly recommended, even if the intended application is probably “shelves for stuff in the garage”.)

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