Visions ’13 expedition to Axial Seamount (IMAGE-HEAVY)

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    The Visions ’13 expedition to Axial Seamount, an active underwater volcano 300 miles off the Oregon coast, is underway. They have remote operated submersibles and will be streaming video from them soon. [LINK] Axial has erupted as recently as April 2011.

    I was going to post this in the old Axial Seamount thread, only to realize that it was so long ago that it was in the old, pre-crash forum… so here are the screen grabs from the previous expedition in 2011:


    The live stream is up right now (i.e. noonish central time, Thursday, July 4th).


    New Axial activity? What you see above may not even be there now. [LINK]

    Beginning Thursday, April 23 — the day after the workshop ended — the new sensors recorded 8,000 small earthquakes in a 24-hour period. The volcano’s caldera, which had been swelling rapidly from an influx of magma, collapsed like a deflated balloon.

    “All the alarm bells were going off,” said Oregon State University volcanologist Bill Chadwick, who along with a colleague predicted last year that the volcano would erupt in 2015. “It was very exciting.”

    Scientists are still debating whether to describe what transpired as an eruption, which means molten rock flowed onto the seafloor. No instruments were destroyed and there was no obvious temperature spike, so the magma might have oozed into subterranean fissures, forming what’s called a dike.

    Another expedition via submersible ROV is planned for this summer, so get ready for another picture thread if it’s on a day when I’m home. 😆

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