Toru Iwitani speaks!

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    Nice interview with Toru Iwitani at SyfyGames (formerly G4). [LINK] Some highlights:

    On favorite Pac-merch…

    “There was a Pac-Man phone that has a closed mouth when not in use, and you push the button to open the mouth in order to make a call,” he noted. “This mechanism and design represents very well the characteristics of Pac-Man, making it one of my favorites.”

    On favorite games by other people…

    “I like Marble Madness, not only for its game system but also for the winding columns to which I can feel empathy,” he said. “Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo once told me that he created Super Mario Bros. because of Pac-Land. I think Super Mario is also an amazing game with a well-balanced intervention of technologies and its variety of stages, such as ground stages and underground stages, which players can happily experience. Among the games in which Pac-Man appears, I like Pac-Land since it created the basis of the scrolling platformer.”

    On what he’s up to these days…

    “I am teaching at the Department of Game, Faculty of Arts, at Tokyo Polytechnic University,” he added. “I’m also researching and developing a game system based on a brand new concept — a wearable ‘gaming suit’ which combines a display monitor, a controller, and a player into one whole-body display. This gaming suit contains Pac-Man as one of the examples. I think Pac-Man will continue evolving along with the game itself, exploring possibilities to propose new entertainment, arts, and more.”

    There’s a lot more.

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