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    Nope. Not yet. Disney paid a whopping $4B (that’s BILLION!) for Lucasfilm.

    According to the great Oracle (Google), ST:TFA has only gotten $1.871B in Box office. So maybe they’ll gret it with the next movie. For sure with the third movie.

    Keep in mind, however, the studio gets half or less of the gross box office sales.

    But then again Disney is making a shitton of money from all the merchandising they’ve been doling out.

    So, maybe they have recouped their investment (especially, when you consider corporations tend to depreciate the investment over a five year period and they got another year to go on the depreciation).

    EDIT: Don’t forget all the Blu-ray and DVD sales they’ll make later this year (probably around Christmas time). All sorts of money is coming in for Star Wars!


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    I’ll bet before movie #2 is released they’ll be at the $2B mark at least between ticket sales, DVD/BR sales, and merchandise.

    And they have five movies and who knows how many games on the table. $4B sounded kuh-RAY-zee when we first heard it, but I’m sure they’ll be in the black in no time.

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    This article was an interesting read: Star Wars: Here’s How Long It Could Take The Walt Disney Company To Make Back Its Money. Much more optimistic than I was.


    Fandango pretty much spells out exactly what the deleted scenes are.

    I’ve already seen a deleted scenes trailer involving Kylo Ren poking around in the Falcon… I still think that’s the deleted scene that would’ve added the most to the proceedings. I’ll have to see the “Han and Maz escape from the stormtroopers” scene to see if that’s any more “important” – I think it might be, actually, because I have a feeling we’ll need an explanation of if/how Maz escaped the destruction of her watering hole.


    Some of the more interesting highlights from IO9’s “48 things we learned from J.J. Abrams’ director’s commentary” [LINK]

    6) Almost all of Finn and Rey’s first discussion in the film was reshot because their dynamic hadn’t been figured out when they first started filming. Finn lying to her about being in the Resistance, her knowing who Luke Skywalker is, them subtly flirting—that was all added later. Same goes for their fun, friendly conversation after escaping on the Millennium Falcon, which was changed from a more contentious version.

    7) Rey saying “That ship’s garbage” only to later reveal the “garbage” is the Millennium Falcon was the idea of producer Bryan Burk.

    10) Han Solo and Chewbacca’s first scene is a blend of elements shot before, and after, Harrison Ford’s injury. Ford had longer hair when he returned to the set, and as a result, CG hair extensions had to be added to the scenes Ford filmed before the injury. (Wouldn’t a haircut have been cheaper?)

    13) Han, Rey and Finn’s entrance into Maz’s castle looks like one long take, but it’s actually three shots sewn together. And once we’re inside, the only CG element is Maz.

    17) Rey’s dream sequence, called “The Force Back,” saw many iterations. One actually had her seeing Vader and Luke fighting on Cloud City but ultimately, they wanted her to have a more elemental experience filled with things she couldn’t comprehend, but were also truthful. Things like the Knights of Ren and her first time on Jakku.

    28) In the Resistance base, when Han Solo says “I like this guy,” it was originally referring to Poe. They re-edited it so Han said it about Finnin order to continue to develop that relationship.

    29) Abrams filmed Han and Leia’s goodbye twice. In the first version, he said to her “There’s something I want to tell you” and she replied “Tell me when you get back.” They changed it because they felt it foreshadowed Han’s fate a bit too much.

    37) Like the Leia/Han goodbye, there was a slightly bigger moment the last time Han and Chewie see each other. But, again, it was cut to not make it too obvious what was about to happen.

    #29 and 37 are interesting – looks like they were trying hard to avoid the Tasha Yar effect (a.k.a. the Adric Effect), where you accidentally signpost a character’s impending “unexpected” demise by giving them what amounts to a victory lap showing why they’re so awesome and how much everyone loves them.

    I’ve read elsewhere that, had Harrison Ford not broken his leg, they wouldn’t have realized that the Finn/Rey stuff aboard the Falcon all needed to be reshot until too late. As it is, the delay gave them time to look at the dailies and see that something wasn’t working.

    CGI hair extensions? There’s hope for me yet.

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