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    There are times when I’m not sure “I didn’t see this coming” even begins to cover it. [LINK]

    When everything seems to flow into the digital world aimed for individual playing, this project appears as a rebellious retro futuristic version of the Atari PONG game, which brings the backwards process, from digital to physical, to the table.

    Also, reuniting family, friends and stimulating social interaction opportunities, as the old Atari console did.

    Thanks to electronics, electric motors and magnetic fields, we managed to create a playable coffee-pong table that comes not only with the game but also a classic digital clock displayed on its top, usb ports mounted on the rack and the possibility of streaming music via Bluetooth. Atari PONG licensed us so we are bringing it back, in an original, stylish and super fun way!

    You can play PONG, with the same look and feel concept of paddles and arcade like buttons. We took the chance and added some extra game modes, in which the gameplay gets slightly modified to improve the experience even more.

    These include the chance of hitting curves when the buttons are pressed with good timing, and mods that affect the other players pad movement (such as Freeze, Drunk and Reverse).

    For only five grand, Nolan Bushnell will sign yours.

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