The story of Ms. Pac-Man

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    We already know about GCC and their start as a company that made slightly-shady “enhancement kits”, but there’s more to the story than that, including the fact that they’re still making some money off the deal. [LINK]

    How has it changed my life? It introduced me to a bunch of smart guys and from a career point of view. We made a bunch of money, and it was great. I bought a house basically from the proceeds of Ms. Pac-Man that I still live in.

    In terms of Ms. Pac-Man itself, until recently, it really wasn’t a active part of my life. It was something we did in less than a year, and it was fun, but I didn’t walk around with a sign saying ‘I made Ms. Pac-Man.’

    Neat article, and I’m a sucker for the “written oral history” format.

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