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    Copying the sales pitch that will drop tomorrow morning on Facebook:

    Select Game is just days away, y’all, BUT…I HAD to share this exciting news with you rather than waiting for the show to drop.

    In one of last year’s shows, I mentioned my big jacket full of shiny pins and wished that there was an Odyssey2 logo pin to join them. Now I’m happy to tell you that I’ve found some awesome custom pin-smiths to make this a REALITY — for only seven bucks (plus shipping) a pop.

    O2 pin

    What you’re looking at is a preview of an Odyssey2 logo pin now available for pre-order from POP SQR in Vista, CA. Here’s the catch (it’s really not a bad catch): if fewer than 30 are pre-ordered, it won’t happen, money will be refunded, and we’re back where we are right now. If at least 30 pre-orders happen, the Odyssey2 logo pin goes into production, and they’ll ship in the spring (allowing time for production).

    Even better: a portion of all of POP SQR’s sales support the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. You’re not just flying the Odyssey2 flag, you’re helping a good cause. (None of the money goes to me, by the way – I’m having to place my order just like you are!)

    If you’re ready to pin one of these to your tie, jacket, or hat and let the world know the keyboard is STILL the key, go place your pre-order now. If this one does well, other designs are just waiting to happen too (and yes, the Videopac “stencil” logo is high on the list).

    A big thanks to POP SQR for taking a chance on making this happen.

    Been working on this project quietly since the beginning of the year. I’ve already got a POP SQR pin on my jacket, and they do good work. Hopefully 30 orders are made and this becomes a real thing.

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