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    The timeline format with the constantly-running CRON job plugin (which looks back to the oldest entry every night at midnight and then changes that date to 2016, thus bringing it up to the top) is working beautifully. I’m trying to get in touch with KentoThemes to get the paid version of the timeline plugin so I can have more granular control over the look of it (i.e. not every single podcast needs to display my “EG” avatar…really…it doesn’t).

    I’m writing, and will soon be recording, a round of 134 (!!) “refreshes” for the Escape Pod, something that hasn’t been done in a year. As is becoming standard policy on refreshes, anytime I re-edit an older episode that uses some soundtrack or other, I replace the music with some Kasatochi, with an eye toward eventually trying to get the Escape Pod on iTunes. (Maybe. If I can ever get that to work.)

    Out of those 134 refreshes…so. many. obituaries. Damn, but this is going to be depressing.

    For a podcast that’s “finished”…this one never really is. I’m strongly considering doing a 365-day calendar of the Escape Pod scripts in book form for 2017. No music/copyright issues…and the material’s already written.

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    What would the Escape Pod look like as a video podcast? Funny you should ask. Here’s a very rough edit.

    Whether or not this gets taken beyond the concept-test stage…I really don’t know.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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