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    Even if it means putting up with cardboard walls… can a classic TARDIS console room really be very far off if we’re getting this?

    (I wonder if the girl – what was she, 12 years old? – who designed the winning “improvised console” for the Blue Peter competition gets one dime out of this arrangement, or if her submission handily became property of the BBC when she sent it.)

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    It would be cool if her submission earned her a little bit of royalties. I can’t imagine the playset selling like the proverbial bat out of hell, so she couldn’t put herself through medical school with her earnings if there are any. I’d imagine that the Beeb would slip a little disclaimer into the contest stating that all winning entries become property of the BBC, but it would make for good publicity (especially after the man who claimed to have designed Davros in a contest back in the ’70s got in the news) if they at least gave token payments to the girl.


    For those interested: Impulse Creations in Tulsa has an excellent price on this item. [LINK] Time for me to check the ol’ time machine budget…


    Hastings has this listed as arriving in stock at the end of this month, with a price tag of $50 (ouch!).


    …and now it’s priced at $42! Still ouch, but a smaller ouch.

    I plan on getting this, along with the Idris figure. Best episode of this season so far.


    How to get the Junk TARDIS for $44.57 shipped:

    1. Order it from
    2. Use the promo code SAVINGSPOP
    3. Wait for the mailman
    4. Open it up, activate the shields, and travel through time and stuff.

    Enjoy! Sadly, they have yet to stock the Idris figure to go with it.

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    I’ll be checking out the Greenville, TX Hastings, I’ll see if they have the new stuff in stock.

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