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    Inspired by the Star Wars Black Series… this is apparently the way forward for the 5″ Doctor Who figures, and it ain’t gonna be cheap (i.e. $40ish). From Al Dewar’s Twitter [LINK] (several posts stitched together)…

    Hold into your chairs folks … Something BIG is on the way and you guys …… GET … TO … CHOOSE!!!!

    There will be a new 5 inch ‘Classic’ figure and There will be five to choose from:

    Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan Jovanka, Jamie McCrimmon, Silurian (Pertwee) or The Master (Ainley velvet suit)

    You have ONE choice …

    The plan … Such as it is … Is to create a collector series so that UK fans will get A .. Anything Underground distribute in the USA and B … We will be creating our own ‘Black Series’ WW Internet exclusive range of Limited edition 5 inch Figures so if you take that list Its a bit like Kickstarter (but not) and hangs on buy in from you all in regards to what you want as the main NEXT classic figure.

    The plan would be a figure with a degree of extra accessories and retailing at a similar price to Hasbros figures at around 19.99 …

    (that’s 19.99 pounds, kids)

    Might seem high but this would negate ‘variants’ and give accessories and options with a figure that would literally be a one off edition

    Jamie’s winning by a mile currently … I think the plan is potentially to set this up on the website … If we pass the critical figures It becomes a viable reality

    Idea being potentially 2 – 3 per year .. Exclusively driven via COUk’s website

    So… let me try to boil this down to non-text/twitspeak.

    The 5″ figures are going to be moving permanently into a “fans’ choice” format. Fans vote on which character gets made.

    Rather than the current setup – which is that we see endless minor costume variants of a new character for 3-4 years to justify the royalty paid to the actors for their likeness and the BBC for the characters (hence: 3+ variants of Peri, 3+ Brigadiers, 2+ Jo Grants, 2 nearly identical Aces, etc.) – this would resemble the Star Wars “Black Series” figures: interchangeable costume pieces, hands, accessories, weapons, etc., all in one package. You only ever have to buy the one (unless you’ve just pulled off a time heist and can afford more than one) and you can put that character together however you like. The catch: they’re gonna be expensive as hell.

    The bit where Character Options has us by the short-and-curlies: there isn’t a character on that list of five that I wouldn’t like to have as an action figure. I’ll take one of each please. Okay, more than one – Silurians need to be army-built (I LOVED Pertwee-era Silurians; the current ones are Sleestak knockoffs).

    More clarification is needed about the availability of the figures worldwide as well, since they’re talking about selling them/doing the voting on Character’s UK website.

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    I’d never heard of the Star Wars Black series until now. I’m so out of touch with what toys are popular right now.

    My store recently got in some Star Wars toys – I don’t remember if they fall into the Rebels merch or not, but they’re essentially Star Wars stormtroopers and Imperial officers – in “army men” form. Which occurred to me to be a brilliant idea, if they weren’t so damn expensive, and so few in the package. What little kid wouldn’t want to have a bunch of stormtroopers rather than generic World War II soldiers? But of course, the Star Wars license pretty much prevents them from delivering the toys at a reasonable price point. Maybe Disney needs to buy their own toy manufacturer instead of licensing them out. Then they could lower their manufacturing profit margins on “Star Wars Men”, put them out in bulk at rational prices, and rule every kid’s back yard sandbox for the next decade. Too bad it’ll never happen.


    Guess you haven’t heard the rumors in recent years that Disney is hawkishly watching Hasbro…


    The “Doctor Who Black Series” seems to have gone AWOL, but the 5″ scale isn’t dead. As seen at SDCC:

    The Curator with lenticular 3-D “Gallifrey Falls” painting

    No sir! ALL THIRTEEN!

    These were not available to buy just yet. Smart money says sometime around Christmas. There were 2-3 costume variants of Capaldi, one which was only in a box set with Clara in a blue dress.


    My Capaldi is on his way to me now courtesy of Impulse Creations in Tulsa. I’ll be ordering the Curator tomorrow:

    And the next collector figure has been announced as of this morning. There are two variations; their heads can be swapped if you have both. Me…um…just getting the not-nightmare-fuel purple one, thanks.

    I’m glad this iteration of the character is getting a figure, though it highlights the sad lack of an Eric Roberts figure even more. (No, I’m serious. I’d like one of him too.)

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    Are they going to make phone cases that look like Missy’s handheld? I would have thought it’d be an obvious choice for merchandising.


    They should.

    Who would we like to see next? I’m down for either Kate Stewart or Strax. They could also do Osgood – there’s already a “Tom Baker’s scarf” sculpted for the actual Tom Baker figures, that would be a time-saver.

    My Curator is on order. I may make a pair of headphones and a microphone for him and turn that figure into “Tom Baker at Big Finish”. 😆

    Speaking of obvious accessories, I am on the lookout for either of these – let me know if you find them in the wild. My 12th Doctor will need one.

    If I can score the two-pack, I’ll let various other characters audition with the Flying V guitar until we find the most incongruous character possible. Surely Dr. Constantine and/or Granny Connolly will finally have their day.


    Coming in November… this just keeps getting better. Still hoping for the Eric Roberts Master.

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