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    So, a book snuck up on me and kinda finished itself.

    I had considered this idea as a book project some time back, and back-back-back-burnered it because other stuff needed to get done first. The fun thing about it was that the material was already written; putting the book together would be a fun exercise in formatting and making it look nice.

    In the course of doing final editing and layout on WARP!1 (yes, that’s still coming), I developed a graphical icon “language” for that book that I knew would come in handy if I ever embarked on this back-burnered project. So even some of the “look” was already done for me.

    I returned to the material a few weeks ago to revise some of it – because it does periodically need revising – and found it badly, badly, in need of organization. And then it hit me: I have the material, I have the “look” set already, let’s just do this thing (as Amy Winehouse once said, though I’m pretty sure she wasn’t singing about writing books).

    It snuck up on me to such a degree that I’m up late working on the cover art…normally I have the cover done before the book is done.

    Anyway, it’s both a smaller book (in terms of form factor) and a larger book (within shouting distance of 600 pages) than i’ve done previously.

    There’s not a Kindle version yet, because I always lay out for print first.

    It’ll debut at Konsplosion a month from now. Maybe Kindle will be ready by then. Or maybe WARP!1 will be, because it’s very close to being finished too.

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    So, not even a hint on what it’s about? At least what part of the universe it is covering? Sci-Fi? The TV business? Space? ELO (or other less important music)?


    @ubikuberalles wrote:

    So, not even a hint on what it’s about?

    @ubikuberalles wrote:

    At least what part of the universe it is covering? Sci-Fi? The TV business? Space? ELO (or other less important music)?


    When I do give the game away, here’s the reaction I honestly expect from most everyone here or over on Facebook who already knows me and knows my work:

    Oh. Well, that’s nice.”

    This is about taking stuff that I’d already researched and written, organizing it, making it visually pretty, and sneaking it in front of a new audience that perhaps hadn’t experienced that writing in its original form – the people who aren’t necessarily interacting with me, or with this site, every day.

    That being said, I hope everyone does like it. All of the topics you mentioned above are covered in this book. All of them. You remember the old joke about googling “NASA ELO DOCTOR WHO” and winding up at theLogBook? This continues that.


    Fresh off the presses…

    There you go – TEPL ’16. I’m not sure the angle of the photo really accurately depicts how thick the book is.

    Actually holding it my hand and reading it, it almost looks nicer than I expected it to. Maybe this’ll catch the audience that isn’t listening to the podcast.

    A new edition will probably be issued every 2-3 years; each one will have a different “mission patch” on the cover.

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