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    It’s…holy crap, a perfect port of Super Mario on the Commodore 64? [LINK]

    Possibly the best news for this evening and one I really think is going to get those jaws dropping *AGAIN*, is the fact that thanks to a mighty heads up by Jammet, we have been told the C64 version of Super Mario Bros by ZeroPaige is now available for ALL to enjoy! Yes indeed one of the most eagerly awaited games to come to the C64 as announced some time ago possibly as far back as 2013, has been released and freely available.

    As we said before, throughout all these years the developer has always been hard at work in porting the game over to the C64 with many of the character stuff being done such as sprites and music including the NES APU triangle and noise-channels which are sharing a SID-voice. But now thanks to a friendly heads up by one of our readers, this game is finally in our hands and is no longer as fake as some people were led to believe 🙂

    All these years later…the C64 is still pretty damned amazing. I have mirrored the download here: [LINK]

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