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    Beware the ides of March…but spend the day before it in the 23rd century. [LINK]

    Visit Starbase Studios’ Open House for your chance to step onto a full 360 degree, Constitution
    Class Starship Bridge and get a picture sitting in the Captain’s Chair.

    Visit the newly constructed Sick Bay and Transporter Room sets.
    Meet members of the 1701st Fleet International Fan Association.
    See Displays from the Star Trek Modelers Group.
    Meet Cast and Crew from some of your favorite Star Trek fan films and more!

    Open House, Saturday March 14th, 2015

    This is the awesome fan film set we visited last year, only now they’ve got the sick bay and transporter room done.

    I tried to get my picture taken in the captain’s chair last year, but… ship shaking… you know the drill. (Actually, it wasn’t central/northern Oklahoma’s renowned earthquakes, it was a six-year-old holding the camera. 😆 )

    Strongly considering going, if time and budget allow. It’d be nice to go to one of these when it’s not summer (the tagline for last year’s set visit was “the humid adventure is just beginning”).

    And this time Little E is gonna drive.


    BIG NEWS!…well, to me, anyway.

    The owners of Starbase Studios lost the lease on their rented warehouse studio space in Oklahoma City, and they had to launch into a search for a space of similar – or hopefully larger – size that they could afford. (Hopefully larger because they’re wanting to build more of the sets, such as TOS crew quarters, etc.)

    And they’ve landed in Mountain Home, Arkansas. I just found this out a little while ago; the set pieces are being moved and re-assembled right now.

    This is less of a drive from where I am than Oklahoma City is. One could conceivably go to Arkadia, then drive about two hours east, and you’re there. I’m kind of excited.

    If the Stafford Air & Space Museum will just kindly move east now, all my happy places would be a lot closer to home. 😛

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    My sister has recently moved to Newport, Arkansas. She wants some family members to visit her, my mom wants me to drive her up there, but it’s a very, very long way to go. Mountain Home is still a two-hour drive away from Newport, I don’t think I’ll get the chance to visit. I’d love to, though, since I would sort-of be in the area.

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    It’s funny… once these sets were moved to Arkansas, I never visited them again, and the various parties claiming ownership of them never stopped fighting over them. And now… it looks like they’re either going to wind up on eBay, or – more likely – will be demolished in place because no one’s paying for them to keep taking up space. [LINK]

    The TOS sets that were formerly known as STARBASE STUDIOS have been sitting in a building in Marble Falls, Arkansas since early 2017. The building is part of an abandoned and dilapidated former theme park known as Dogpatch, which is owned by Charles “Bud” Pelsor.

    Ownership of the TOS sets—which included a full 360-degree bridge originally constructed in 2004 for a fan film called Starship Exeter “The Tressaurian Intersection,” a partial sickbay, a transporter room, a briefing room, and corridors—was, until recently, divided among GLEN L. WOLFE (50%), SCOTT JOHNSON (25%), and GLENN MILLER (25%). Unfortunately, the three owners weren’t typically (if ever) on the same page, and frictions quickly developed and escalated.

    [much he-said-she-said BS ensues]

    Anyhow, one way or another, this seems to be the end of the line for the TOS sets formerly known as Starbase Studios.

    I wonder if this would be worth driving back to Arkansas before…

    /me looks around basement that, while full of neat geeky stuff, is cluttered because other family members feel like this is the place to half-unpack their stuff and then leave it for the cats to get into


    I really do think this is all down to something that I’ll call, for the lack of a better name, the Axanar Effect. Don’t get me wrong, the old Exeter sets are a real asset with real value, but as soon as all this “part-ownership” jazz happened with the move to Arkansas, it seems like all parties concerned began to concern themselves with how to screw the other parties over to claim all of that perceived value for themselves, which is a fool’s errand anyway, since any attempt to profit off of one’s “part-ownership” of those sets would draw the legal attention of CBS in about 2.8 seconds. The Axanar Effect = “hey, how do we make BIG $$$ off of this?”

    Give it about a year, we’ll probably hear about the bridge set pieces being found in a shed somewhere, with a meth lab built across the helm console. (Not saying that’s a problem any of the current players in the scenario have, but mark my words, it’ll all wind up abandoned in a shed somewhere in northern Arkansas and this’ll be its fate.)

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