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    Revealed today at NYC Comic-Con. [LINK]

    SWRConfident and skilled when piloting a New Republic X-wing fighter, KAZ XIONO now feels out of his element having been assigned to be a spy for the Resistance.

    SWRA daring pilot at the Colossus station with a sense of flair and competitiveness, TORRA DOZA has the combined energy of a hotshot ace and a fifteen-year old.

    SWRA vicious, daring man of few words, MAJOR VONREG is known for his custom crimson TIE fighter and his lightning fast strikes against anyone who dares intrude into First Order territory.

    SWREquipped with sleek armor and powerful weapons, the STORMTROOPERS of the First Order continue the legacy of the soldiers of the Galactic Empire

    SWRA salvager who scours the oceans and islands of Castilon for crashed starships, SYNARA SAN keeps much to herself.

    SWRA fearsome First Order Stormtrooper officer, COMMANDER PYRE stands out from the legions of identically equipped soldiers with his black-and-gold armor.

    Other figures were revealed without a character description: a Poe Dameron/BB-8 two-pack (do we really need an introduction?) and another two-pack, Jarek Yeager and R1-J5.



    All images are zoomable. Single figures will be around $7.99, two-packs will be $12.99.

    The series itself debuts Sunday night, October 7th, on Disney XD.

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