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    …or, as I call him, Little E.

    His main exposure to Star Wars is by way of a Leapster 2 game cartridge, Clone Wars Jedi Math. It’s a pretty nifty little chunk of edutainment in which picking correct answers lets you advance the plotline. Repeated wrong answers don’t get you killed, they just result in an unspecified setback for the Republic’s war effort. đŸ˜†

    Anyway, one part of the game asks its players to “rescue the prisoners” by giving the right answers to simple math problems. The prisoners are characters from the series. The little guy tries to repeat the names he hears the game’s narrator say, but sometimes he’s a little… off.

    This, then, is a visual guide to the denizens of the Star Wars universe, according to Little E.

    Kitty Monday
    (Ki-Adi Mundi)

    Jazzrar B.
    (like I even need to tell you who this is)

    As he rescues more prisoners, I’ll endeavour to identify them with what sketchy info is relayed to me. đŸ˜†

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    Why is Jar Jar holding a lightsaber? That moron would just cut his own head off with it (which would most assuredly be a good thing).


    They were handing lightsabers out free that day, and nobody carded him. Besides, that’s the famous Gungan Jedi, Jazzrar B.!

    Speaking of Jedi, allow me to introduce you to…

    Kiff Toasto
    (Kit Fisto)

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    Well, any name is an upgrade from Fisto. Fist-o. It’s like they named the character like someone from a German fetish video parody of Star Wars.

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