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    Heh heh. Thing is… I’d probably go for that. Just not for that price. [LINK]

    When we were brainstorming ideas for products to honor the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we started off well, and then we came to a point where everyone was quietly thinking. It was a very zen moment in which we were each mentally walking the halls of our favorite ships, and that’s when we realized what was missing.

    The Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine provides the low thrum of a familiar spacecraft exploring some corner of an as-yet-unknown galaxy to gently lull you to sleep. Use the easy-to-navigate LCARS touch screen display to select a ship or station, whose schematic will pop up in the next window. Rest your head on your pillow and watch the stars race by, projected onto the ceiling. Bask in the light of the glass “warp” tower as you relax to the familiar sounds of the warp core… or whichever sound you choose. You’ll soon discover one craft in particular provides your optimal nighttime environment for maximum relaxation. And there will be no more hitting the snooze bar in the morning with our Red Alert alarm. You’ll wake up refreshed, ready to attack the day. Because today is a good day to — well, do anything, really!

    Sounds included
    USS Enterprise NCC-1701
    Enterprise Ambient Sound
    Enterprise Engineering
    USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
    Enterprise-D Ambient Sound
    Enterprise-D Warp Core
    Deep Space 9
    DS9 Operations Center
    USS Voyager
    Voyager Ambient Sound
    Voyager Warp Core
    Enterprise NX-01
    NX-01 Ambient Sound

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