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    Supposedly coming to us this Christmas – looks like they’re jumping straight to the Brian Gross episodes. Anyway, here’s a still shot released on Facebook this morning, accompanied by a note that, along with featuing Lt. Arex on the bridge, they’re also adopting the animated series’ “force field belts” for atmospheres insufficient to support human life.

    It looks very ’70s… which, you know, is perfectly appropriate.


    This was due to be out today, but there’s been a delay… on account of weather. No, really.

    To all our fans…

    It is with much regret that we must delay the release of “The Holiest Thing” due to issues beyond our control. As many of you know, we’ve shown a pre-release version of it at The Alamo Draft House Theater and will be showing the same version this weekend in Boskone.

    We are now down to the wire, and due to the inclement weather, our colorist is still without power and unable to complete the rest of the work on the episode. We have passed the point of no return where he simply doesn’t have the time to finish his work (even if his power were to be restored right at this moment).

    As soon as he can get back up and running, and we have a time frame for the completion of the post production work, we’ll let you all know and post a new release date.

    Our sincere apologies,
    The Star Trek Phase II Team

    Darn it. I knew that two new episodes of Star Trek in two weeks was too good to be true.


    Some additional filming has been done, apparently restoring a framing story that was in the original script and was then dumped. A story that reunites us with…

    Those of you who donated to the kickstarter were able to see the rough cut of ‘The Holiest Thing”, in the original shoot we were unable to film scenes with our elder Scotty (Carl Sheldon) as scripted. Mr. Scott (Carl Sheldon) Has completed all his work on “The Holiest Thing” and we are working on finalizing all the new VFX, so the episode will be presented as we originally intended! Thanks to all of you for your friendship and support! The episode will be warping your way in the near future! As soon as we complete the edit, we will announce the release date on all of our social media platforms.

    Synopsis: This is Captain James T. Kirk’s (Brian Gross) first encounter with the charismatic scientist Doctor Carol Marcus (Jacy King), who is specializes in terraforming. Carol is the woman who one day will mother Kirk`s son David and also break his heart. Doctor Marcus is leading a terraforming project on Planet Lappa III that goes horribly wrong and devastates the planet. Was it her fault? Or is a mysterious black market operation behind the catastrophy? Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise, investigate.

    The same news bulletin has this to say about other upcoming Phase II episodes.

    Torment of Destiny

    As soon as “The Holiest Thing” is out of post production, work can approach warp speed on “Torment of Destiny”. Although there is no official release date we are aiming for early next year. More updates as we get closer. This is a sequel to the Original Series episode “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.” Guest Starring: Rivkah Raven Wood, Rebecca Larken, Clay Sayre, Robert Withrow and Doug Calvin. Special Guest Star Richard Hatch

    Synopsis: High Priestess Natira and her husband Doctor Leonard McCoy are held captive, meanwhile after a bombing at the Federation Embassy on Lazulia Prime has left both Admiral Withrow and the mediation negotiations between the Natives and the Fabrini in critical condition, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise needs to get to the bottom of the bombing and find their missing officer.

    Origins: The Protracted Man

    The once thought lost episode written and directed by David Gerrold is being looked after. James has been poring over the footage we have from “Origins” doing a gap analysis–seeing what is still needed to get this finished. As to when the episode will be finished depends on the pick-ups that will have to be shot for the episode.

    Synopsis: The story of Captain James Kirk, at the Academy and his first time on board the ship that he and his future crew would make famous. Guest starring: Colin Cunningham as Captain Christopher Pike and Gina Hernandez as Number One

    Things I’m getting really tired of reading in fan film announcements: “This is a sequel to the original series episode…” …all these props and costumes and sets, and we’re just doing follow-ups? ST Continues is guilty of this too, to be fair. Nearly everything STC’s done has been a follow-up (Who Mourns For Adonais, Mirror Mirror, Paradise Syndome among others).


    The Holiest Thing is finally up. [YOUTUBE]


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    Wow, that one was really in development hell, huh? I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. I was afraid it might never see the light, due to recent developments. Downloading it right now!


    I’m really hesitant to pass judgement, having watched it… it’s kind of an interesting idea to show Kirk meeting Carol Marcus, and it’s interesting that she’s already doing the terraforming thing. The actress in question is the new Kirk actor’s real life girlfriend, so there’s actually some chemistry on display.

    And then it kinda goes splat.

    Meeting the Ferengi? Enterprise got away with that by having very few of the crew meet the Ferengi face-to-face, and they never heard these aliens’ names. That episode was also kinda funny in that they tried to respect the TNG timeline by showing the Ferengi in those toga-esque fur costume pieces and carrying those slinky-like “laser whips” instead of phasers, and by adhering to TNG’s mention that the Ferengi had never been seen before TNG’s first Ferengi episode. Here, though, the Ferengi identify themselves and show themselves, and it just borks the whole timeline. So…what, was Kirk so heartbroken that he just failed to log anything about this entire incident?

    All the Star Trek II references – you know that there would be some, but it ends up being about as clumsy as Star Trek Into Darkness’ references to the same movie. The whole thing at the end with Carol being pregnant is awfully convenient, but it then leads to wholesale lifts from the Star Trek II script, now placed in future tense: “You have you world, I have mine, and I’ll want him in mine”…so…people just go around saying the same thing for their whole lives? Even if we overlook the convenience of the pregnancy angle, vary the wording a bit, don’t just parrot it.

    Also, David Marcus is clearly in at least his late 20s when we meet him in Star Trek II, if not his early 30s. So we’re saying that much time passes between The Holiest Thing and Star Trek II? Not buyin’ it. It’s a common belief in fandom that Carol Marcus was the “blond lab assistant” that Gary Mitchell steered past Kirk in their academy days (as referenced in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”)…and in terms of the timeline, that makes a hell of a lot more sense. Star Trek II places itself at 15 years after Space Seed, so David has been around at least ten years before Kirk’s command of the Enterprise, so he had to have been conceived while Kirk was at the academy, or was a very junior officer. Even low rank has its privileges…

    I try not to let issues of timelines and canon affect my enjoyment of a good story, lest I become like a guy ZLoth and I had to deal with back in the Fidonet days who insisted that his timeline overrode anything officially published by the Okudas (!!). But the timeline errors are so egregious in this episode that it took me right out of the story.

    I still love seeing the unrealized Phase II Enterprise in action, though.

    Dear fan films: please stop sequelizing/prequelizing/equalizing stories that have already been told. My biggest peeve with fan films isn’t production values, because this is really the community theater of the internet. My biggest beef is originality. Tell your own stories, with minimal callbacks. Phase II/New Voyages has already used the Guardian of Forever twice. Stop that. Kitumba was actually damn near perfect, and it was based on a script for a never-filmed ’70s Phase II episode. Its only real callback was to drop in a mention of the Klingon government being reorganized to hand the power from a figurehead emperor to a chancellor…and that wasn’t even a huge detail in the whole thing.

    Fewer callbacks, guys. Do. your. own. thing.

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    I’m not sure that is possible. (The fewer callbacks, that is). I’ve only read a handful of Star Trek novels and fanfic pieces and I noticed that the vast majority of them are either highly derivative or a rewrite of a previous episodes with slightly different plot and perhaps new characters.

    For the ST novels written by the professionals, the reason is simple: the professional writers don’t want to use their best ideas on these pieces. Novels for established TV shows or movies is grunt work: the writers do it to pay the bills and establish a reputation. They are keeping their best ideas for their own original work.

    The fan pieces I’ve read appear to be pure nostalgia. I remember reading one fan piece in the TNG universe and it was nothing more than a rehash of “Best of Both Worlds” with Picard becoming a Borg once again. It’s like the fan wants to relive his favorite episode but with a slightly different outcome. Tedious to read, I must say.

    The fan TV shows suffer somewhat of the same problem but they are no where near as bad as the stuff I’ve read. Can they get out of this rut? Maybe, but only by hiring writers who aren’t fans and are willing to step on people’s shoes. Remember, “City on the Edge of the Universe” was written by a non-fan and it shows. Get someone who is actually willing to use his best ideas for the show instead of his own novels.

    The Fan shows have established a pretty decent reputation so they might be able to attract quality writers for their shows. I hope so.

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