Square Enix Doesn't Know Where Some Of Its Old Games Are

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    From Kotaku:

    Square Enix Doesn’t Know Where Some Of Its Old Games Are

    Square Enix, one of the largest video game publishers on the planet, is interested in getting its entire back catalogue of games together so it can sell/stream them to you online. But there’s just this one tiny problem: some of the older games are missing.


    Not surprised…. noone thought about re-releases ages later. Heck, when I was preparing to move to Texas, I had some material on ZIP discs that were transferred to a USB drive and then to Vaultron. Cost me $50.

    Of course, when I had my first PC built (a 386-33 in 1990), I thought I had plenty of space in the 105MB hard drive I had installed, and even then, it was expensive. Nowadays, I have downloads that are bigger than 105MB.

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