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    No joke… apparently it’s on the drawing board, according to Variety. [LINK]

    “Space: 1999,” an iconic 1970s British series that was syndicated in the U.S., is being redeveloped by ITV Studios America and HDFilms as “Space: 2099.”

    HDFilms prexy Jace Hall is exec producing the project. Hall recently exec produced ABC’s “V,” another reincarnation of a science-fiction series from a previous decade.

    “This is a rare and exciting creative opportunity for anyone involved in storytelling and one that I am honored to receive,” Hall said. “Science fiction is a powerful format capable of visualizing the human condition in thought-provoking ways.

    “While we are indeed re-imagining the franchise and bringing something new and relevant to today’s audiences, I feel strongly that some of the overall tones set by the original “Space: 1999″ television show represent an exciting platform to explore possibilities.”

    ITV was the original broadcaster in the U.K. of “Space: 1999” (which starred American thesps Martin Landau and Barbara Bain), prompting ITV Studios Amerca prexy/CEO Paul Buccieri to comment that “after more than 35 years, we are thrilled to be developing a new vision of our much beloved franchise for audiences worldwide.”


    Now that I’ve given myself about ten minutes to get over the initial shock and the usual knee-jerk urge to kick whichever un-creative TV executive decided that the world needed another remake…

    “Victor, do we really need to be remade?” “I… don’t know, John. I just… don’t… know.”

    …I still don’t know if this is a good idea or not. The original Space: 1999 is a deeply flawed creature in my mind, and yet the first season would randomly get to a point where it was firing on all cylinders, probably about once every six episodes or so.

    The greatest insult that will befall this show is that it’ll be considered a rip-off of Star Trek: Voyager… when, of course, it was actually the other way around. Especially once you get to the Seven of Nine “era” of Voyager, you can spot numerous cases of almost 1:1 copies of Space: 1999 episodes – just search-and-replace so that whoever’s trying to kidnap/dissect/get revenge on Maya is now trying to kidnap/dissect/get revenge on Seven of Nine, and wham! Instant Voyager script!

    Helena, I think you become Chakotay in the search-and-replace script. I’m so sorry.

    There’s potential here, but seeing as this seems to be coming from an executive suite and not from some writer/producer who’s hatched a clever way to update the story, I’m not holding out much hope that it’ll fare any better than, say, AMC’s remake of The Prisoner.

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    Well, they’re the ones who did the new version of “V”, rather than going with the original producer’s idea to continue on with the original concept. So we ended up with two seasons of szhizophrenic storytelling because the network chucked out their production people two or three times, and each new group would squander the show’s potential more and more. I never watched the new “V” because it looked like a catastrophe from the get-go. And predictably, I was correct in that assumption. I can take a wild guess that this show (if it even gets to air) could end up the same way, although they probably won’t have as much scrutiny on their show since it’s essentially a UK production and they don’t seem to have as many layers of middle management that clog up and ruin American network television.


    @Steve W wrote:

    they probably won’t have as much scrutiny on their show since it’s essentially a UK production and they don’t seem to have as many layers of middle management that clog up and ruin American network television.

    I hope that’s the case, though the Stateside partner is HDfilms, which is also where the V connection comes in. The distribution channel they end up with (American network? Pay cable channel? BBC America?) will probably determine how much interference they have in Just Trying To Tell A Story.

    Even without interference… they’re probably gonna pass on the disco music.

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