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    The madness begins. La-La Land Records has dropped this hint as to what they’ll be releasing.

    LLLCD 1406 – $19.98
    LLLCD 1407 – $19.98
    LLLCD 1408 – 2 CD SET – $24.98
    LLLCD 1409 – 4 CD SET – $59.98
    LLLCD 1410 – 4 CD SET – $49.98

    …sooooo keep your whole paycheck handy.

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    English please? I don’t speak LLLCD.

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    Well, LLLCD 1405 is the soundtrack for “Blind Spot” and LLLCD 1404 is the soundtrack for “Legends of Tomorrow” (I googled them both). So, ya, that didn’t help. No clue at this point. “Stranger Things”? “Dark Matter”? Just guessing at this point.


    Daaaaaaamn. 😮 Check disc two on the Star Trek set – something I never, ever thought we’d see/hear. SOLD.

    LLLCD 1406 – $19.98

    Music composed by Harold Faltermeyer
    Limited Edition of 3000 Units
    RETAIL PRICE: $19.98

    The first 200 or so customers who order this title from our website will receive a copy autographed by composer Harold Faltermeyer at no additional charge. Autographs are available only while supplies last and are NOT guaranteed.

    La-La Land Records, Paramount Pictures and Universal Music Special Markets presents the world premiere official release of renowned composer Harold Faltermeyer’s (FLETCH, TOP GUN, THE RUNNING MAN) original motion picture score to the legendary 1984 Paramount Pictures action/comedy BEVERLY HILLS COP, starring Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold and John Ashton, and directed by Martin Brest. Composer Faltermeyer defined the 80’s film score pop-synth sound and BEVERLY HILLS COP is arguably his most iconic work – and certainly his most influential, as its infectious themes and compositions have continued to inspire throughout the decades into the present day. The original film score makes its world premiere with this deluxe presentation, which also includes bonus tracks — and the original soundtrack release’s most notable songs, featuring the sizzling “The Heat is On,” performed by the late Glenn Frey (written by Faltermeyer and Keith Forsey), the hold-on-for-dear-life-truck-chase “Neutron Dance,” performed by The Pointer Sisters and more! Produced by for La-La Land Records by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this limited edition release of 3000 units includes exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Tim Greiving, with new interview quotes from Faltermeyer, and Rodeo Drive-kind-of-classy art design by Goldwasser. A must for all film music fans. It’ll sound great blaring in your car – even if there’s a banana stuffed in your tailpipe!


    1. Foley Finds Mikey* 1:20
    2. Bad Guys§ 1:23
    3. Flowers* 0:23
    4. Foley Busted* 1:29
    5. Cops Follow Merc 0:43
    6. Late Dinner / Warehouse* 2:48
    7. Shoot Out 1:44
    8. Customs 1:31
    9. The New Team* 0:40
    10. Chase to Harrow’s* 2:42
    11. Rosewood / Foley to Gallery* 0:57
    12. The Discovery* 2:15
    13. Rosewood Saves Foley / Rosewood /
    Foley to Mansion 3:10
    14. Good Guys on Grounds* 3:14
    15. Foley Shoots a Bad Guy 1:22
    16. Zack Shoots 1:06
    17. Zack Shot 0:54
    18. Maitland Shot§ 0:51

    19. Shoot Out (alternate ending) 1:42
    20. The Discovery* (alternate) 2:18
    21. The Discovery (theme suite) 2:51
    22. Zack Shot (alternate) 0:54
    23. Axel F (album version) 3:00
    24. Shoot Out (album version) 2:44

    25. The Heat Is On 3:45
    Glenn Frey
    26. Neutron Dance 4:12
    The Pointer Sisters
    27. New Attitude 4:36
    Patti LaBelle
    28. Do You Really (Want My Love?) 3:41
    29. Stir It Up 3:36
    Patti LaBelle
    *contains “Axel F (Theme From Beverly Hills Cop)”
    § contains material not used in film
    Album Time: 72:09

    LLLCD 1407 – $19.98

    Music composed by Harold Faltermeyer
    Limited Edition of 3000 Units
    RETAIL PRICE: $19.98

    La-La Land Records, Paramount Pictures and Universal Music Special Markets presents the world premiere official release of acclaimed composer Harold Faltermeyer’s (FLETCH, TOP GUN, THE RUNNING MAN) original motion picture score to 1987’s smash hit sequel BEVERLY HILLS COP II, starring Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold and John Ashton, and directed by Tony Scott. Building upon his sensational 1984 BEVERLY HILLS COP score, composer Faltermeyer develops his action/comedy synthscape in exciting directions, melding his iconic Axel Foley theme amongst new propulsive motifs and melodies and all the while boosting the film’s slick visual approach taken by director Tony Scott. The original film score makes its world premiere with this deluxe presentation, which also includes bonus tracks — and the original soundtrack release’s most notable songs, featuring the hard-driving “Shakedown,” performed by Bob Seger (written by Faltermeyer, Seger and Keith Forsey), the strip-pole-hugging “I Want Your Sex,” performed by George Michael and more! Also here, the rare Faltermeyer track “Bad Guys,” which expertly repurposes the film’s villain theme as a song, with vocals by Keith Forsey. Produced by for La-La Land Records by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this limited edition release of 3000 units includes exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Tim Greiving, with new interview quotes from Faltermeyer, and stylish art design by Goldwasser.


    1. Adrianos 2:52
    2. Bogomil Oil Well Jog / Bogomil Gets Shot 2:28
    3. Axel Gets the News 1:10
    4. Warehouse* 0:34
    5. Hospital Visit§ 1:05
    6. Mansion* 1:07
    7. Loyalty / Drive to Shooting Club* 1:51
    8. Boys Car Talk* 1:11
    9. Shoot Screens / Meet Dent and Cain 2:53
    10. I’ll Be Sure to Duck 0:54
    11. Drive to Bogomil’s* 0:58
    12. Axel Shoes / Boys at Mansion§ 1:24
    13. Splash / Drive to 385* 0:41
    14. Shootout 0:53
    15. Boys at Rosewood’s 0:42
    16. Axel Calls Jeffrey 1:01
    17. Fingerprint* 0:27
    18. Sneak to Shooting Club 2:33
    19. Jeffrey Calls Todd / Lutz Calls Jeffrey 1:29
    20. City Deposit 4:12
    21. Tire Tread to Hef’s / Drive to Bernstein’s* 1:44
    22. Racetrack 5:04
    23. Drive to Oil / Hit Vic* 2:25
    24. Sneak to Shack / Alarm 1:44
    25. Oil Field Shootout / Kill Dent and Karla 4:11
    26. Wrap Up* 0:56
    27. Goodbye 1:11

    28. Loyalty (alternate) 0:12
    29. Goodbye (alternate) 0:49

    30. Bad Guys 4:35
    Keith Forsey
    31. Shakedown 4:02
    Bob Seger
    32. I Want Your Sex 4:45
    George Michael
    33. Be There 4:12
    The Pointer Sisters
    34. All Revved Up 4:00
    Jermaine Jackson
    35. Better Way 4:09
    James Ingram
    36. In Deep 3:32
    Charlie Sexton
    § contains “Axel F (Theme From Beverly Hills Cop)”
    * contains material not used in film
    Total Album Time: 72:09

    LLLCD 1408 – 2 CD SET – $24.98

    Music by Don Ellis and Brad Fiedel
    Limited Edition of 2000 Units
    RETAIL PRICE: $24.98

    La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox and Fox Music proudly present THE FRENCH CONNECTION COLLECTION, a 2-CD SET featuring re-mastered re-issues of renowned composer Don Ellis’ (THE SEVEN-UPS) iconic motion picture scores to the Oscar-winning THE FRENCH CONNECTION, starring Gene Hackman and directed by William Friedkin and THE FRENCH CONNECTION II, also starring Hackman and directed by John Frankenheimer, as well as the world premiere of composer Brad Fiedel’s (THE TERMINATOR, TRUE LIES) original score to the 1986 TV pilot POPEYE DOYLE, starring Ed O’Neil. Long out of print, Don Ellis’ indelible and idiosyncratic jazz scores to the FRENCH CONNECTION feature films return on Disc One of this deluxe presentation, sounding better than ever. Disc Two showcases Brad Fidel’s expert soundscape for POPEYE DOYLE, along with additional bonus tracks, including alternate cues from all three projects, as well as the song “Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon,” featured in the original film’s bar scene. Produced by Nick Redman and Mike Matessino, mixed by Matessino, and mastered by Daniel Hersch, this special limited edition release of 2000 units features exclusive liner notes by writer Julie Kirgo and street-smart art design by Jim Titus.


    DISC 1
    Main Title :59
    2 Just Looking :17
    3 Charnier :52
    4 Copstail 4:03
    5 The Old Fort 1:19
    6 Sal 1:25
    7 Joel 1:04
    8 The Car 1:05
    9 Doyle’s Blues :57
    10 Waltz 1:01
    11 Hotel Chase 5:28
    12 What The?! / Umbrella 3:25
    13 Subway :23
    14 The Shot 1:12
    15 This Is It / Here We Go / Stay With It 3:26
    16 Lincoln’s Blues 2:05
    17 Strip 1:45
    18 Found :36
    19 Au Revoir 1:16
    20 Surprise / The Last Round Up 1:18
    21 Frog in Room :50
    22 End Titles 2:43

    Main Title / Waterfront 3:34
    24 Boat Ride 1:21
    25 Popeye 1:39
    26 Popeye’s Montage 2:04
    27 Volleyball 1:37
    28 Hit 1:21
    29 Heroin 4:24
    30 OD 2:15
    31 Pain 1:06
    32 Rehabilitation 2:04
    33 Revenge 1:16
    34 Boat Bottom / Dry Dock 3:07
    35 Stalking 4:14
    36 Continuation / Here Come the Cops 1:53
    37 The Big Chase 2:33
    38 Exhaustion 2:24
    39 End Title 1:32
    Total Time Disc 1 (76:52)

    DISC 2
    Main Title 4:01
    2 First Chase 4:11
    3 Body Dump :42
    4 Jill’s Apartment :47
    5 Video One :34
    6 Gut Feeling :32
    7 Following the Barkeep 1:50
    8 Video Two 1:08
    9 Follow the Weasel :07
    10 Weasel Volunteers :33
    11 Weasel Makes Parisi 1:33
    12 Video Three 1:36
    13 Cat and Mouse 2:42
    14 Hat in the Ring :18
    15 Motorcade 2:06
    16 Shadow Rises :21
    17 Tackle the Shadow :28
    18 Reel 7 Act Out :13
    19 Weasel’s Weapons :28
    20 Weasel to Popeye’s 2:39
    21 Reel 8 Act Out :24
    22 Evil Afoot :13
    23 Embassy Murder 1:04
    24 Hospital Heavy 3:17
    25 Final Shootout 4:09
    26 Aftermath :50
    27 End Credits 1:12


    28 Hotel Chase (alternate) 5:28
    29 The Source 3:31
    30 Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon 3:28

    31 Hit (alternate) 1:22
    32 Exhaustion (alternate) 2:24
    33 Sores 3:16
    34 Blues 2:33
    35 Cops 3:52
    36 Drugs 4:30

    37 First Chase (alternate) 3:54
    38 Prove My Love to You 2:09
    Total Time Disc 2 (75:37)

    LLLCD 1409 – 4 CD SET – $59.98

    (4-CD SET) LLLCD 1409
    Music by John Williams
    Limited Edition of 5000 Units
    RETAIL PRICE: $59.98

    La-La Land Records, Universal Studios, Universal Music Special Markets and Amblin Entertainment present THE JOHN WILLIAMS JURASSIC PARK COLLECTION, a special limited edition 4-CD set featuring newly remastered and expanded reissues of maestro John Williams’ (JAWS, STAR WARS, SCHINDLER’S LIST) original motion picture scores to the 1993 blockbuster JURASSIC PARK and its 1997 follow-up THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK, both directed by Steven Spielberg. Williams’ monumental JURASSIC PARK scores are integral to the franchise’s worldwide phenomenon. Teeming with action, drama, humor and heart, they rank among the celebrated composer’s most accomplished works. This deluxe edition, meticulously produced, edited and mastered by Mike Matessino, in consultation with the composer, director and producers, finally showcases these master works in a worthy, definitive presentation, with additional music never before released. The set’s 56-page booklet features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by Matessino and elegant art design, packed with amazing images, by Jim Titus. This is a limited edition of 5000 units. Life indeed “finds a way,” and these indelible Williams scores make the journey a thrillingly wonderful trip!


    CD 1 (47:46)
    1 Opening Titles :38
    2 Incident at Isla Nublar (Film Version) 2:25
    3 The Encased Mosquito 1:16
    4 Entrance of Mr. Hammond 1:10
    5 Journey to the Island 8:56
    6 Hatching Baby Raptor (Film Version) 2:05
    7 You Bred Raptors? * :40
    8 The History Lesson (Film Version) 1:34
    9 Jurassic Park Gate 2:05
    10 Goat Bait 2:26
    11 The Saboteur * :48
    12 Ailing Triceratops 2:36
    13 The Coming Storm (Film Version) 1:26
    14 Dennis Steals the Embryo 5:05
    15 Race to the Dock * 1:18
    16 The Falling Car and The T-Rex Chase ** 4:59
    17 A Tree for My Bed 2:14
    18 Remembering Petticoat Lane 2:49
    19 My Friend, the Brachiosaurus (Film Version) 1:51
    20 Life Finds a Way 1:26

    CD 2 (44:04)
    1 System Ready * :49
    2 To the Maintenance Shed 4:12
    3 High Wire Stunts 4:10
    4 Hungry Raptor 2:09
    5 The Raptor Attack 2:51
    6 T-Rex Rescue and Finale 7:43
    7 Welcome to Jurassic Park 7:58
    Total Time: 29:55
    Total Score Time: 77:41

    Additional Music (14:14)
    8 Theme from Jurassic Park 3:34
    9 Stalling Around 2:36
    10 Welcome to Jurassic Park (Film Version) 8:01
    Two-Disc Time: 91:50

    CD 3 (60:38)
    1 The Lost World 3:36
    2 The Island’s Voice 3:38
    3 Revealing the Plans 2:18
    4 To the Island 3:40
    5 The Stegosaurus (Extended Version) 5:28
    6 Fire at Camp and Corporate Helicopters * 3:23
    7 The Hunt 3:34
    8 Big Feet * 1:44
    9 Spilling Petrol and Horning In * 5:07
    10 Up in a Basket * 3:27
    11 In the Trailer * 2:21
    12 On the Glass * 4:05
    13 Rescuing Sarah (Extended Version) ** 5:10
    14 Reading the Map * 3:11
    15 The Trek 5:25
    16 The Compys! 4:30

    CD 4 (57:30)
    1 Ripples ** 5:55
    2 The Long Grass 2:28
    3 Finding Camp Jurassic 3:05
    4 The Raptors Appear 3:44
    5 High Bar and Ceiling Tiles * 4:12
    6 Heading North 2:14
    7 Ludlow’s Speech * 3:15
    8 The Wrecked Ship 2:22
    9 Monster on the Loose * 2:38
    10 Visitor in San Diego (Extended Version) 7:41
    11 Ludlow’s End 2:52
    12 Tranquilizer Dart ** 3:01
    13 Jurassic Park Theme (End Credits) 5:30
    Total Time: 48:55
    Total Score Time: 109:33

    Additional Music 8:32
    14 The Lost World (Alternate) ** 3:37
    15 Tranquilizer Dart and End Credits (Film Version) 4:55
    Two-Disc Time: 118:08
    * Previously unreleased ** Contains previously unreleased material

    Total Four Disc Time: 3:29:58

    LLLCD 1410 – 4 CD SET – $49.98

    LLLCD 1410
    Music by Various Composers
    Limited Edition of 3000 Units
    RETAIL PRICE: $49.98

    The first 200 or so customers who order this title from our website will receive a copy autographed by composer Dennis McCarthy at no additional charge. Autographs are available only while supplies last and are NOT guaranteed.

    La-La Land Records and CBS present, STAR TREK: 50th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION – MUSICAL RARITIES FROM ACROSS THE STAR TREK UNIVERSE, a sensational celebration of 50 years of Star Trek music in honor of the landmark series’ five-decade milestone. Travel at warp through Star Trek’s spellbinding musical history, with rare and exciting selections from the franchise’s varied television series, films, games, themed attractions and more!

    DISC ONE features cues from the original, classic STAR TREK TV series (most of which were released on our TOS BOX SET, but have been sourced from newly discovered elements), as well the oft-requested STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE track “Inner Workings,” (featuring the wind machine more prominently) and STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KAHN’s “End Titles,” (without the narration as heard on previous soundtrack releases.)

    DISC TWO showcases the official world premiere release of music from STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES, the beloved 70’s Filmation TV series, as well as original STAR TREK-inspired compositions from Ron Jones, and STAR TREK BORG, a score by Dennis McCarthy from an interactive 1996 movie/computer game.

    DISC THREE features previously unreleased scores from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, including such episodes “Coming of Age,” “The Hunted,” “Tapestry” and more, as well as the series’ trailer music.

    DISC FOUR contains more unreleased THE NEXT GENERATION, including “Deja Q,” “Elementary, Dear Data,” and others, as well as unreleased demo tracks from DEEP SPACE NINE, and VOYAGER, original score from the famed Las Vegas attraction, STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE, and still more!

    Produced by Lukas Kendall and mastered by Doug Schwartz and James Nelson, this special collection contains a 48-page booklet with exclusive liner notes by writer Jeff Bond and stellar art design by Mark Banning. This treasure trove of musical gems from the most celebrated sci-fi television series of all time has a total running time of more than five full hours and is limited to 3000 units.


    DISC 1

    Third Season Theme Music
    1. Main Title/End Title
    (soprano version, stereo) (1:14)
    arr. Alexander Courage, cond. Wilbur Hatch

    FIRST Season Library Music
    Music Composed by Joseph Mullendore,
    Conducted by Fred Steiner
    2. Love Scene* LM4 (1:15)
    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)”
    by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    SECOND Season Library Music
    Music Composed and Conducted by
    Alexander Courage
    3. Ship in Orbit* (Big) LM6 (0:40)
    4. Sad and Thoughtful on
    Captain’s Theme LM8–LM8A (2:30)
    5. Captain Playoff No. 1 (Heavy) LM2 (0:08)
    6. Smooth Neutral Ship Theme* LM7 (0:41)
    7. Playoff on M.T. Theme LM1 (0:23)
    8. Fight on Captain’s Theme LM5/LM5A (1:50)
    9. Captain Playoff No. 2
    (Neutral—Slightly Ominous) LM3 (0:12)
    10. Stingers LM17A/LM17B/LM17C/LM17D (0:51)
    11. New Sexy Exotic LM9 (2:17)
    12. Captain Playoff No. 3
    (Sad and Alone) LM4 (0:20)
    13. Prime Specimen
    (“The Cage” M21–30) LM19 (3:13)
    14. Monster Illusion
    (“The Cage” M42) LM18 (2:34)
    15. Mr. Spock (“Captain’s Wig” From
    “The Naked Time” M54–61) LM16 (3:27)
    16. The Big Go
    (“The Naked Time” M62) LM15 (2:30)
    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)”
    by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Music Composed by Fred Steiner
    17. Mudd’s Perfidy
    (“Mudd’s Women” M43) LM10A/LM10 (0:33)
    18. Zap the Cap
    (“Charlie X” M53) LM11 (1:34)
    19. Zap the Cap
    (“Charlie X” M53) LM11A tk 1 (0:08)
    20. Zap the Cap
    (“Charlie X” M53) LM11A tk 2 (0:06)
    21. Zap the Spaceship
    (“Charlie X” M54) LM12 (1:28)
    22. Zap the Spaceship
    (“Charlie X” M54) LM12A (0:34)
    23. Zap the Spaceship
    (“Charlie X” M54) LM12B (0:08)
    24. Ruk Attacks
    (“What Are Little Girls Made Of?” M43A) LM13 (1:41)

    Music Composed by Gerald Fried
    25. 2nd Ruth
    (“Shore Leave” M31A
    orch. Gus Levene) LM14 (2:35)
    Total Time (3–25): 31:17

    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    26. No Mind/Tense Meeting/
    Tracking the Alien/The Question M15/M16/M21/M22 (2:31)

    THIRD Season Library Music
    Conducted by Wilbur Hatch

    Music Composed by Alexander Courage
    27. Survivors (M21) LM100 (1:42)
    28. Bottled (M31) LM101 (1:52)
    29. Monster Illusion (M42) LM102 (2:46)
    30. Monster Illusion (tag) (M42) LM102A (0:10)
    31. The Kibitzers (M44) LM103 (0:41)
    32. Vina’s Punishment (M51) LM104 (1:54)
    33. Vina’s Dance (M62) LM105 (1:53)
    34. Wrong Think (M73) LM106 (0:43)

    Music Composed by Alexander Courage
    35. Act 1 Card (M13) LM107 (0:38)
    36. Crippled Ship (M22) LM108 (0:55)
    37. Speedy Reader (M24) LM109 (1:06)
    38. End Title (M64) LM110 (0:24)

    Music Composed by Alexander Courage
    39. First Goner (M14–21) LM111 tk 3 (0:48)
    40. First Goner (M14–21) LM111 tk 4 (0:49)
    41. Dressing Down (M23) LM114 (0:08)
    42. Monitor Gizzard (M25) LM113 (0:14)
    43. Monitor Gizzard (M25) LM113A (0:09)
    44. Lazer Dazer (M45–51) LM112 (2:44)
    45. Dodo Girl (M52) LM115 (0:09)

    Music Composed by Gerald Fried
    46. Drugged (M25) LM116 (1:23)
    47. Mace Fight (M61) LM117 (0:59)
    48. Mace Fight (M61) LM117A (0:18)

    Music Composed by Gerald Fried
    49. Down the Throat (M58) LM118 (1:13)
    50. Arrows (M61) LM119 (1:25)

    Music Composed by Wilbur Hatch
    51. Bumper (broadcast edit) (0:06)
    Alexander Courage, arr. Wilbur Hatch
    52. Bumpers (alternates) (0:25)
    Alexander Courage, arr. Wilbur Hatch
    53. Paramount Television I.D. (0:05)
    54. Paramount Television I.D. (alternate) (0:04)
    Total Time (27–54): 26:45
    Audio Restoration: Chris Malone
    All TOS selections recorded at Glen Glenn Sound
    (Desilu–Paramount), Stage F, Hollywood, California.
    Gerald Fried and Fred Steiner compositions
    published by Addax Music Co. (ASCAP).
    Alexander Courage, Wilbur Hatch and Joseph Mullendore compositions
    published by Bruin Music Co. (BMI).

    Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
    55. Inner Workings (alternate mix) (4:03)
    Score Produced by Jerry Goldsmith
    Music Restoration, Editing and Track Assembly by Mike Matessino
    Music Mixed and Mastered by
    Bruce Botnick at UnitEye Studio, Ojai, California.

    Music Composed and Conducted by James Horner
    56. Epilogue*/End Title* (sans narration) (8:41)
    Score Produced by James Horner
    Orchestrations: Jack Hayes
    3-track Restoration, Mix and Assembly by Mike Matessino
    Assistant Editor: Neil S. Bulk
    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)”
    by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    Total Disc Time: 76:13

    DISC 2
    Music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael
    Musical Direction: Ray Ellis
    1. Title Theme (1:01)
    2. Captain’s Log (1:19)
    3. Something Ahead (0:54)
    4. Evasive Maneuvers (1:07)
    5. Sensor Data (1:07)
    6. Intercept Course (0:14)
    7. Fire Phasers (0:50)
    8. Enterprise Attacked (1:32)
    9. Illogical (0:13)
    10. Briefing (0:43)
    11. On the Viewscreen (1:02)
    12. New Heading (0:19)
    13. Scanning (0:54)
    14. Deflector Shields (0:19)
    15. Red Alert (0:33)
    16. Battle Stations (0:41)
    17. Surprise (0:07)
    18. Supplemental Log (0:49)
    19. Kirk’s Command (1:11)
    20. Sickbay (0:28)
    21. Library Computer (0:44)
    22. Full Power (0:28)
    23. Approaching Coordinates (0:08)
    24. The Bigger Meaning (1:15)
    25. Trouble in Engineering (0:29)
    26. Spock’s Analysis (0:42)
    27. Enterprise Wins the Space Race (0:43)
    28. McCoy’s Summary (0:16)
    29. Just Another Stardate (0:39)
    30. Ongoing Mission (0:18)
    31. Title Theme (alternate mix) (1:01)
    32. Sensor Data (alternate mix) (1:02)
    33. Enterprise Attacked (alternate opening) (1:42) 34. Scanning (alternate mix) (0:54)
    35. Turbolift Music (0:29)
    36. Mr. Arex Lends an Extra Hand (0:38)
    37. Fascinating (0:17)
    38. Don’t Mess With M’Ress (0:22)
    39. Oh My (0:17)
    40. Spock’s Quick Analysis (0:22)
    41. Yellow Alert (0:26)
    42. Off Duty (0:15)
    43. Suite: Stingers and Act-Out Music (2:03)
    Total Time (1–43): 32:05
    Music Assembly and Restoration by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino


    Music Composed by Ron Jones
    44. The Ascent (7:43)
    45. Meaning (2:27)
    46. Pathway to the Stars (3:17)
    Total Time (44–46): 13:32

    Music Composed and Orchestrated by
    Dennis McCarthy
    Electronic Realization by Kevin Kiner
    47. Main Theme (1:02)
    48. The Legend of the Borg (1:24)
    49. Battle at Wolf 359 (2:58)
    50. The Battle Rages (0:58)
    51. Club Q (0:55)
    52. I Am Berman of Borg (1:36)
    53. Goldsmith Has Been Assimilated! (1:37)
    54. Welcome to the Collective Cadet (2:22)
    55. Searching the Borg Ship (2:20)
    56. Time Is Running Out (1:17)
    57. Escape From the Borg Collective (1:42)
    58. Borg Hell (2:03)
    59. You Will Be Assimilated.
    Have a Nice Day (2:21)
    60. “Resistance Is Futile, My Ass!”/
    Finale (7:25)
    61. End Titles (1:03)
    Total Time (47–61): 31:36
    Total Disc Time: 77:23

    DISC 3
    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    1. Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title
    (1st season, alternate take) (1:48)
    Music by Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith
    Arr./cond. Dennis McCarthy

    COMING OF AGE #119
    2. Physics/Shuttle Fuss (3:35)
    3. Air Bounce (2:04)
    4. Competition (2:14)
    5. Decisions (2:04)

    SYMBIOSIS #123
    6. Flares (3:04)
    7. Precious Cargo (2:10)
    8. Four Out of Six (1:03)

    9. Searchin’ (1:10)

    10. Memories (1:19)

    CONTAGION #137
    11. U.S.S. Yamato/Vaporized (1:22)
    12. Floral Tea/Otis’ Revenge (2:07)
    13. Romulan Misfire/Phasers/
    Escape/Goodbye Iconia* (2:27)

    14. Diversion (2:16)

    THE BONDING #153
    15. Dad/Mom’s Double (2:04)
    16. Release/Ceremonial Worf/
    Off Into Space* (4:01)

    THE ENEMY #155
    17. Into the Pit (3:01)

    THE HUNTED #159
    18. Escape Artist/Melee (3:28)
    19. Breakout (0:32)
    20. Phased/Geordi (4:14)
    21. Confronted/To the Stars* (3:30)

    22. Condemned (1:22)

    23. Lookin’ Fine (1:44)
    24. Lazarus (3:48)
    25. Choke Hold/Explanatory/El Ascencio (5:11)

    26. Delusionary (4:08)

    TAPESTRY #241
    27. Saint Q (2:05)
    28. It’s a Wonderful Life/Deja Vuosity*/
    War Stories (3:18)
    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)”
    by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    PARALLELS #263
    29. Instant Family (2:42)
    30. Wolfman Riker (3:09)

    Trailer Music
    31. Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    (30-second version) (0:33)
    Jerry Goldsmith, arr./cond. Dennis McCarthy
    Star Trek: The Next Generation trailer music,
    Total Disc Time: 78:57

    DISC 4

    UNIFICATION I & II #208-207
    1. Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)
    (“Gene Roddenberry 1921–1991”)
    (unused alternate) (0:10)
    Alexander Courage & Gene Roddenberry, arr. Dennis McCarthy

    TIN MAN #168
    Music by Jay Chattaway
    2. Soft*/Student (1:04)
    3. Unique/Welcome/Data (0:48)
    4. Problems/Land of Living (1:41)
    5. Scared (broadcast version) (0:47)
    6. One Way Trip (1:08)
    7. All of It (0:57)
    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)”
    by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    DEJA Q #161
    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    8. Tractor Moon/Hoisted (2:58)
    9. La Paloma (traditional) (1:13)
    10. Coffin Spike* (0:45)
    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)”
    by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    11. Planet Vegas (1:12)

    QPID #194
    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    12. Hat Trick/Sir Guy/Nottingham Castle/
    Maid Marian (unused)/Betrayed (3:21)
    13. To the Block/Swordplay/Game’s Over (4:16)
    14. Adieu (1:04)
    15. Plucking Three (0:13)

    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    16. Sherlock Tones (0:55)
    17. Dead End/Turtleback (2:36)
    18. Short Goodbye (1:21)

    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    19. Holo Tolodo! (4:02)

    CLUES #188
    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    20. Peace Dividends/Gloria/Blown Away (1:39)

    MANHUNT #145
    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    21. Juke Boxer (3:29)
    22. How High the Moon (3:36)
    (Nancy Hamilton & Morgan Lewis, arr. McCarthy)

    23. Moonlight Becomes You (2:55)
    Written by Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen
    Performed by Julie Morgan
    Produced by John E. Oliver

    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    24. Andorian Blues (0:37)
    25. Aktuh and Maylota (0:49)
    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    Lyrics by Rick Berman
    26. Melor Famigal (0:58)
    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    Lyrics by Rick Berman

    LESSONS #245
    27. Picard and Nella, Date #1
    (Picard’s Cabin) (2:43)
    Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, 1st Movement•/
    Picard—Demo Flute/Nella—Piano Arpeggio/
    Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, 1st Movement•/
    Frère Simple Duet••/Frère on Piano Improvises••/
    Frère on Flute••/Frère Fancy Duet••/
    Picard and Nella (McCarthy score)
    •Bach, arr. McCarthy
    ••Consisting of Frère Jacques, traditional, arr. McCarthy
    28. Picard and Nella, Date #2
    (Jefferies Tube) (2:22)
    Sonata, Op 27, No. 2 (“Moonlight”)•••/
    Theme From “The Inner Light”••••/
    Tubal Osculation (McCarthy score)
    •••Beethoven, arr. McCarthy
    ••••Jay Chattaway, arr. McCarthy

    SAREK #171
    29. Sextet #1 in B-flat Major,
    Op. 18 (II, Andante) (1:53)
    (Johannes Brahms)

    30. Klingon Encounter* (4:24)
    Music by Jay Chattaway
    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)”
    by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    31. BORG INVASION 4D† (7:22)
    Music by Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner
    †Contains “Theme From Star Trek: Voyager”
    Composed by Jerry Goldsmith

    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    32. Main Title Demo (1:59)
    33. Single Bridge Demo (2:24)

    34. Main Title Demo (1:51)
    Music by Jerry Goldsmith
    35. Lookover†/Maiden Voyager† (1:34)
    Music by Jay Chattaway
    From Star Trek: Voyager #721, “Caretaker”
    †Contains “Theme From Star Trek: Voyager”
    Composed by Jerry Goldsmith

    36. Opera Alla Alienosity (1:11)
    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    From Star Trek: Voyager #234, “Virtuoso”

    37. Dance-O-Matic (2:28)
    Music by Dennis McCarthy
    From Enterprise #721, “Broken Bow”

    Trailer Music
    38. Communique (C) (2:33)
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Trailer Music, 1990–91: #184, 186–227.
    Written and Performed by David Reilly (PRS)
    Courtesy of KPM Music Limited
    From KPM 0046, Released October 1, 1988.
    Total Disc Time: 78:57
    Total Album Time: 5:16:50

    I know three out of the five weren’t in the genre we usually touch on here, but I have to admit that, just as an ’80s fan, the Beverly Hills Cop scores appeal to me.


    Intrada returns fire with a much-requested classic or two…

    One of our most requested soundtracks makes its CD debut at last! Universal Pictures released Silent Running to sci-fi audiences in 1972. What viewers saw was a brilliant story of environmental concern before it was part of our vernacular, robotic drones long before they were popular and high-tech visuals by the very artist behind the ground-breaking look of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Douglas Trumbull directs, Bruce Dern stars, and Peter Schickele provides the stunning score. Using a full orchestra, Schickele creates a soundscape of beauty and intimacy unlike any other sci-fi score before – or since. Standing out is his use of very exposed “high-end” instruments: harp, flute, glockenspiel, crotales (tiny antique cymbals), left-hand piano, pizzicato violins, orchestra bells, triangle, high electric piano and other delicate colors. Haunting cello solos, chordal brass passages, trio passages for flutes all add to the very sensitive, intimate palette of sound. Deserving special spotlight: Three incredibly beautiful songs by Schickele, voiced by the incomparable Joan Baez. In fact, the theme song “Rejoice In The Sun” remains one of the most memorable and moving ballads in all of film history. In contrast, Schickele also creates moments of suspense and even probing dissonance for the film’s more dramatic moments. Yet it remains the quiet, introspective moments of the score that linger. Intrada presents the original 1972 Decca stereo album program intact, a very-well produced album that covered all of the highpoints of the economical score. Sadly, no master tapes have surfaced from any previous source, including the Decca vaults, Varese Sarabande (who reissued an LP back in their early days), the composer… not even the director himself. As such, Intrada mastered the CD from a virgin copy of the vinyl release, courtesy both UMG and Universal. While we addressed the noises inherent in the LP-to-digital process using state-of-the-art Sonic Solutions “NoNoise”, because of the plethora of afore-mentioned high-end colors, soft pings and gentle tinkles from the orchestra, we applied only the amount of noise reduction processing necessary to remove the most egregious noises without interfering with the incredible array of delicate overtones and other nuances heard way up “above-the-staff”. For listeners largely familiar with Peter Schickele’s musical genius only through P.D.Q. Bach, this soundtrack will be a welcome discovery! Kay Marshall designs the flipper-style booklet art, Jeff Bond writes the informative notes. Peter Schickele composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while supplies and interest remain!

    01. Rejoice In The Sun
    (Sung by Joan Baez) (2:11)
    02. The Space Fleet (3:29)
    03. Rejoice In The Sun
    (Instrumental) (2:00)
    04. No Turning Back (2:49)
    05. Driving Crazy (2:28)
    06. Drifting (2:07)
    07. Silent Running
    (Sung by Joan Baez) (2:04)
    08. The Dying Forest (2:30)
    09. Tending To Huey (2:57)
    10. Saturn (4:11)
    11. Getting Ready (1:50)
    12. Rejoice In The Sun
    (Sung by Joan Baez) (1:31)

    Kinda pricey for a half-hour album, but it’s never been pressed on CD before (officially). Also announced in today’s round (which is also Intrada’s last releases for 2016): Return to the Blue Lagoon and All I Want For Christmas.

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    Kinda pricey for a half-hour album,

    About a buck a minute if you include shipping costs. OK, 83 cents or so. Wait…wait…(does some math)…85 cents a minute!

    How do I know the exact cost? Because I just bought it! $25.74 was the cost with shipping. I always loved the music of the movie so this was an easy decision.

    However, I’ve always had mixed feelings about the movie itself. Although I liked the idea of Bruce’s character saving the one ecosystem, I was alarmed by his methods. It made it hard for me to sympathize with a man who so willingly commits murder. Granted the life of his little forest was at stake but, dang, he went full on crazy there for a bit (a role he has done before). The main issue, though, was the whole premise was well, artificial, just to set up the drama. It made it less plausible and I think they could have made it more, um, organic and believable. But, I understand they wanted to to be more dramatic and a less stark premise might have been less interesting to watch.


    Yeah, we could spin off a whole Silent Running topic at some point debating that movie. I am also in the “admire his motivation but not his methods” camp with Dern’s character; I think that was a holdover from the any-means-to-get-their-attention hippie protest era from which we’d just emerged at the time the movie was made. At the same time, I adore the look and feel of Silent Running – the robots, the Valley Forge itself, all of it. To my mind, Silent Running is the visual heir to 2001. It has a really long shadow through the genre – the Valley Forge model showed up in 1970s Battlestar Galactica (and was replicated in CGI form in the more recent BSG revival), and I think it clearly had an influence on the Ark in The Starlost as well (especially as Douglas Trumbull was originally going to be doing that show’s effects, until they realized they only had a budget to shoot on video in front of a “weather wall” in a Canadian TV studio, and couldn’t afford a Douglas Trumbull).

    It’ll be nice to get a good, digitally-cleaned-up copy of the soundtrack. I featured it waaaaay back in the early days of my soundtrack podcast, using an “LP rip”, and boy did it sound like it.

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    Star Trek and French Connection soundtracks ordered at 12:10 PM PT on Tuesday.

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    Lets see here….. ripping the CDs for personal use because I don’t carry limited edition CDs around… so far, no online track listings for French Connection – Disk 1, so I’ll have fun entering those. Then, there is the artwork.

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    @zloth wrote:

    Lets see here….. ripping the CDs for personal use because I don’t carry limited edition CDs around… so far, no online track listings for French Connection – Disk 1, so I’ll have fun entering those. Then, there is the artwork.

    I had the same issue with the Silent Running CD. There were not many tracks so the task was relatively trivial. Not so much with the Lost in Space CDs from last year. There were over one hundred tracks I had to type in and, after I finished setting the labels and ripped the CD to mp3, I discovered several typos and misspellings. D’oh!


    D’oh! Big year-end releases aren’t over! Varese Sarabande – and Star Trek – get one more lick in [LINK]…

    Star Trek Beyond: The Deluxe Edition
    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Michael Giacchino

    UPC: VCL12161177
    Release Date: 12/12/16
    Limited Edition Of 5,000 Copies
    Shipping begins this week
    $ 24.98

    Continuing our series of Deluxe Editions of our Star Trek releases and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the entire Star Trek universe, we are excited to present Michael Giacchino’s epic STAR TREK BEYOND – now expanded for this 2-CD set Deluxe Edition. Featuring over two hours of music, this is the one everybody has been waiting for.

    “Star Trek Beyond,” the highly anticipated next installment in the globally popular Star Trek franchise, created by Gene Roddenberry and reintroduced by J.J. Abrams in 2009, returns with director Justin Lin (“The Fast and the Furious” franchise) at the helm of this epic voyage of the U.S.S. Enterprise and her intrepid crew. In “Beyond,” the Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test. It opened on July 22, 2016 and was immediately acclaimed as a thrilling action film. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho and Anton Yelchin were all back. Luckily, so was Michael Giacchino! Idris Elba was a new addition as Krall.

    1. Logo And Prosper (1:47)
    2. Trick Or Treaty (:45)
    3. We Come In Pieces (1:17)
    4. Thank Your Lucky Star Date (2:14)
    5. Night On The Yorktown (5:36)
    6. To Thine Own Death Be True (3:32)
    7. We Make A Good Team (:22)
    8. The Dance Of The Nebula (2:22)
    9. A Swarm Reception (2:30)
    10. Krall Hell Breaks Loose (3:04)
    11. The Evacuation Variations (2:47)
    12. Hitting The Saucer A Little Hard (6:10)
    13. Scotland’s Worst Cliffhanger (:23)
    14. A Hive And Kicking (3:30)
    15. Port Of Krall (:52)
    16. Jaylah Damage (2:50)
    17. No Enterprise For Guessing (:37)
    18. In Artifacts As In Life (1:51)
    19. She’s One Hell Of A Dish (1:26)
    20. Make No Escape About It (2:04)
    21. Eat My Thrusters (3:56)
    22. The Krall Of The Wild (2:10)
    23. Spock’s Vulcan Grip On Death (1:31)
    24. Captain On Ice (:42)

    1. Franklin, My Dear (2:50)
    2. Transporting Good Time (3:43)
    3. Krall Work And No Play (:37)
    4. A Lesson in Vulcan Mineralogy (5:17)
    5. The Cost Of Abronath (2:35)
    6. MotorCycles Of Relief (3:18)
    7. Mocking Jaylah (3:27)
    8. Jaylah House Rock (3:18)
    9. Bright Lights Big Velocity (Part 1) (:57)
    10. Bright Lights Big Velocity (Part 2) (2:59)
    11. Spock Speaks Hive (3:10)
    12. Crash Decisions (3:16)
    13. Krall-y Krall-y Oxen Free (4:23)
    14. Shutdown Happens (4:35)
    15. The Root Of Krall Evil (1:31)
    16. Cater-Krall In Zero G (2:17)
    17. The Dreaded Rear Admiral (2:02)
    18. Par-tay For The Course (2:46)
    19. Space, The Final Frontier / Main On Ends (2:42)
    20. Jaylah’s Theme (2:36)
    21. Yorktown Theme (4:32)
    22. Star Trek Main Theme* (3:44)
    23. Krall Things Being Equal (4:25)

    I think we’re right on track to continue the current rate of “a dozen CDs worth of new Star Trek music each year”, which 20-year-old me would faint dead away to even think about. I’m actually hoping that this release reveals some hidden depths to the score that didn’t make it into the single-disc release, because while I liked some of the “sparkly” Yorktown music, overall I felt that Beyond just failed to inspire Giacchino, which is odd when the script itself was approximately 748x better than that for Into Darkness, which was at least decent musically.

    And still Varese is too cheap to put Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer” on the album. (Have I mentioned how much I actually liked that song, and how well it would’ve fit a Bond movie?)


    And one more…though whether or not you’d get it shipped from Europe in time for Christmas is a whole other question. [LINK] Non-genre, but like The French Connection and Beverly Hills Cop, interesting for the nostalgia factor alone.

    Music Scored by Jerry Fielding, Craig Safan and Paul Chihara
    Limited edition of 1000 units
    Release date: 12/19/2016

    Quartet Records and Paramount Pictures present a mammoth 3-CD box set with the world premiere release of The Bad News Bears trilogy, just in time to celebrate its 40th anniversary!

    The Bad News Bears was a highly successful American sports comedy directed by Michael Ritchie. Starring Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal, the plot features an aging, down-on-his-luck ex-minor leaguer coaching a team of misfits in an ultra-competitive California little league. The film was followed by two sequels, The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977) and The Bad News Bears Go to Japan (1978). In addition, there were also a short-lived 1979–80 CBS television series and a 2005 remake also produced by Paramount.

    Three important composers were involved in the trilogy: veteran Jerry Fielding scored the original film, while younger composers Craig Safan and Paul Chihara scored the sequels. Surprisingly, despite the different styles of each composer—each of whom has a distinct musical personality—the result was a perfectly unified and structured musical trilogy.

    At the request of director Michael Ritchie, Fielding mainly adapted his score from the popular opera Carmen by Bizet, much as he had done two years earlier with Mahler’s first symphony for The Gambler. Besides the Bizet arrangements, Fielding also incorporated a few original cues. For the sequels, Craig Safan did something similar with the “1812 Overture” by Tchaikovsky, and Paul Chihara adapted the popular “The Mikado” by Gilbert & Sullivan. The result is three cool, fun and surprising scores.

    The audio was carefully mastered by José Vinader from original stereo mixes and multi-tracks stored in the Paramount vaults, and the 28-page full-color booklet includes liner notes and scores analysis by John Takis, who also co-produced the box set.

    Disc One: The Bad News Bears (1976)
    Music Adapted and Conducted by Jerry Fielding
    01. Hang In There* (2:04)
    02. A Really Fine Thing (1:07)
    03. Play Ball (1:18)
    04. Beer Cans (0:40)
    05. First Major Loss (2:32)
    06. Amanda’s Theme (0:47)
    07. Bad News for the Athletics (1:31)
    08. Around Them Bases (1:11)
    09. Street Pitching (2:30)
    10. Cool Karl Karonsky (1:38)
    11. Out of Pinball Shop (0:28)
    12. Second Amanda Theme / Montage #1 (1:51)
    13. Dancing School Pianos (3:11)
    14. Kelly Rebels* (1:20)
    15. Tiny Tears (1:08)
    16. Amanda Gets Spiked* (0:49)
    17. Buttermaker Goes Corrupt (0:35)
    18. Joe Won’t Throw (1:17)
    19. Montage #2 (0:40)
    20. Lupus’ Big Catch (0:35)
    21. Cliff Hanger (3:01)
    22. Next Year (0:56)
    23. End Credits (1:07)
    Bonus tracks
    24. The Bad News Bears Song* (1:44)
    25. Play Ball (Alternate 1) (1:47)
    26. Play Ball (Alternate 2) (1:15)
    27. First Major Loss (Alternate) (1:45)
    28. Amanda’s Theme (Alternate) (1:01)
    29. Buttermaker Goes Corrupt (Alternate) (0:50)
    30. Joe Won’t Throw (Alternate) (1:04)
    31. Montage #2 (Synth Overlay) (0:31)
    32. Montage #2 (Orchestra Only) (0:37)
    33. Lupus’ Big Catch (Alternate 1) (0:32)
    34. Lupus’ Big Catch (Alternate 2) (0:30)
    35. Cliff Hanger (Insert) (1:11)
    36. Next Year (Alternate) (0:56)
    37 End Credits (Alternate) (2:05)
    Total Disc Time: 47:46

    Disc Two: The Bad News Bears In Breaking Training (1977)
    Music Adapted and Scored by Craig Safan

    01. Main Title (1:46)
    02. Mr. Manning (0:26)
    03. Kelly’s Bike (1:52)
    04. Lupus (1:26)
    05. They’re Off / In the Van* (2:01)
    06. Kelly’s Reverie (1:00)
    07. Smoke Signals* (0:44)
    08. Indian Victory (1:25)
    09. The Dome (1:14)
    10. Vacancy (1:07)
    11. Kelly’s Dad / Kelly’s Dad Again (1:28)
    12. The Practice (1:23)
    13. The Champs (1:51)
    14. The Hilton (1:36)
    15. Coach Leak (2:54)
    16. Kelly Runs (1:25)
    17. Pool Hall / Kelly Night & Dome (2:49)
    18. Notre Dame Victory March (2:23)
    19. Bad News on the Toros (1:30)
    20. Domed Out* (1:48)
    21. Tanner’s Stand / Let Them Play / Play Ball* (2:53)
    22. Inside the Park Homer / Safe (2:52)
    23. Lookin’ Good (Vocal) (3:31)
    Bonus tracks
    24. Lookin’ Good (Instrumental 1) (1:27)
    25. Play Jazz* (1:29)
    26. Lookin’ Good” (Instrumental 2) (3:16)
    27. Hitchhiker (“Lookin’ Good) (1:29)
    28. Smoke Signals (Alternate, “Lookin’ Good”) (0:46)
    29. Organ Music (“Las Chiapanecas”) (1:02)
    Total Disc Time: 50:38

    Disc Three: The Bad News Bears Go to Japan (1978)
    Music Scored and Adapted by Paul Chihara

    01. Logo / Titles (1:20)
    02. Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean / The Marines’ Hymn (1:44)
    03. The Polo Lounge Feel (2:34)
    04. June’s Blues* (2:08)
    05. Airport / Fight at Haneda* / Tokyo Freeway (1:50)
    06. Jet Lag Game* (0:59)
    07. Your Name (0:29)
    08. Mean Bones (2:59)
    09. Sports Fanfare / Birdman’s Flyin’ High (2:09)
    10. Inoki Fight* / Battle* (1:49)
    11. Victory (1:06)
    12. Bullet Train / Train Again / Temple Romance (1:35)
    13. Godzilla (0:47)
    14. Love Scene (1:24)
    15. Transistor Earpiece Radio* (1:21)
    16. Big Game* (0:49)
    17. Look (0:20)
    18. Sand Lot / True Love / The Stars and Stripes Forever (2:59)
    19. Lazar, You Bastard* / Take Me Out to the Ball Game (2:13)
    Bonus tracks
    20. Godzilla (Alternate) (0:48)
    21. Birdman’s Flyin’ High (Wild) (2:01)
    22. Birdman’s Flyin’ High (Alternate) (0:48)
    23. Everybody Is Happy (1:22)
    24. Vamp (0:56)
    25. Tangerine (1:20)
    26. Happy Days (1:46)
    27. Moon River (1:36)
    28. Take Me Out to the Ball Game (0:52)
    29. Introduction to Kurodabushi / Kurodabushi / Tag (1:27)
    30. Tag Again (0:26)
    31. Take Good Care of Her (2:33)
    32. Japanese Song #1* (0:56)
    33. Japanese Song #2* (2:04)
    34. Take Me Out to the Ball Game (End Credits) (1:24) mono
    Total Disc Time: 50:39

    Total 3CD Time: 2:29:03
    * does not appear in the film

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