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    We’re talking about…

    They’re built based on the original pixel patterns of the original sprites, but each pixel has been scaled up to 1 foot square. The Invaders range in width from 8′ to 12′, and are 3′ wide, and about 8′ tall. I’ll help deliver them, and make any repairs needed.

    The Invaders are on display in Culver City until November 30; after that, they’ll be available for sale, as a group or individually, at very, very reasonable prices. Crazily reasonable.

    The Invaders are made of wood, primed, and painted with high-gloss outdoor latex. They’re designed to withstand outdoor conditions, and have withstood many, many fans climbing all over them.

    Wanna be invaded? Go contact the owner [LINK].

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    Remember in the ’90s when Apple’s Cupertino campus had the Icon Garden in front? They had giant sculptures of assorted GUI items on their front lawn. I think Taito needs to do something similar, they should get these guys to build either fiberglass or metal versions of these and plant them either on the top of their office building or in their courtyard. Actually, they could build them with translucent plastic or glass, put them on the top of their office tower, and light them internally at night. They can then do the old hack of putting lights inside the windows of the building, computer controlled (something like this for example) and have it play Space Invaders on the front of the building.


    If they were really thinking ahead, they could rent out the building directly across the street, turn it into the Taito version of the Disney Store, and charge a quarter to play the world’s biggest Space Invaders game. Even if nothing else in the store sold (what are the odds with nerds like us around, right?), the rent for the store building would be paid in a jiffy just by tourists. 😆

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