SNES Rayman prototype released, partially playable

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    Man, this is the golden age of SNES grails, isn’t it? Star Fox II might pale in comparison to this one. [LINK]

    Information about a long, lost SNES Rayman game first re-surfaced last fall when designer Michel Ancel, the series creator, shared pictures of a ROM for an old prototype build of the game that had been re-discovered by a friend. The first Rayman game ended up metamorphosing and coming to the Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, and PS1 instead, with the original SNES vision lost to time. But After 24 years the ROM still worked, and now, thanks to Cornut, what exists of it is even playable.

    It’s extremely limited in its scope, including a small environment, the ability to jump, and a few other character animations. “That prototype it is a very early build,” said Cornut. “So the stuff like two-player mode that have been shown in screenshots are not really in this build. Perhaps the ROM contains secrets in which case homebrew hackers will hopefully unearth them soon. “

    As far as legal concerns go, Cornut is hopeful that the prototype’s release into the Internet wild will be understood as an act of researching and preserving gaming history. “Effectively I have preserved the entire Sega 8-bit library this way, and i think people understand that the intent is preservation and not malicious nor commercially harming.”

    I snagged the ROM and will host it local, fearing a repeat of the Atari 5200 Venture mess. You can grab it here.

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