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    Whoa. 😯 [LINK]

    Each figure in the Thirteen Doctors Set is a new variant.

    The First Doctor as seen in The Web Planet. New variant with more gold/sepia tones.
    Second Doctor from The Two Doctors with blue/grey shirt, greenish grey tartan trousers and greying hair.
    Third Doctor from The Time Monster with red jacket, brown trousers and lighter hair.
    Fourth Doctor ‘Logopolis’ variant with slightly different tones of red and burgundy, plus an off white, rather than pure white, shirt.
    Fifth Doctor from The Awakening. Variant with ‘dirty’ shoes.
    Sixth Doctor from Real Time. Multi-shaded blue variant from the Big Finish cover.
    Seventh Doctor as seen in Ghost Light. New variant with different paint application to the tartan trousers.
    Eighth Doctor ‘Night of the Doctor’ variant with blood on face and ‘dirty’ jacket and trousers.
    War Doctor from Day of the Doctor. Variant figure with greener boots and darker grey beard.
    Ninth Doctor as seen in The Parting of the Ways. Features purple t-shirt, dark grey trousers (not black) and brown shoes (not black).
    Tenth Doctor from The Shakespeare Code. Variant with ‘dirty’ white sneakers.
    Eleventh Doctor ‘The Beast Below’. Variant with scuff marks on the shoes and grey trousers (not black).
    Twelfth Doctor from ‘Time Heist’ featuring a darker blue shirt.

    There was absolutely no warning that this was on the way. I look forward to seeing this at Hast…oh, damn.

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    …dark grey trousers (not black) and brown shoes (not black).

    Well, hmmmpf. It’s not a proper U-boat commander outfit if it is in brown instead of black.

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