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    The Planetary Society sent this out today:

    Can you drop what you’re doing and write Congress to stop unnecessary, damaging cuts to NASA? We’ve made it really easy to do so. Just click on the following link. It will just take a minute:

    The President’s 2019 budget request proposes to cancel WFIRST—the next great space telescope. It also proposed to destroy NASA’s Education Division and cancel a number of Earth Science missions. Top-rated scientific goals like pursuing Mars Sample Return did not get new missions. NEOCam—which would find potentially Earth-threatening asteroids—also received no funding.

    We can help turn this around.

    Earlier this year, Congress passed a spending agreement that could easily support a 5% increase to NASA’s budget. With that increase, we could save WFIRST, maintain NASA’s Education Division, and continue to rebuild the planetary exploration program. It would also enable progress toward human exploration beyond low-Earth orbit without sacrificing important scientific priorities.

    I ask that you take a minute to write Congress today—the same day that a key House committee is holding a hearing on NASA’s budget. Your messages will directly support our D.C. staff as they reach out to the very congressional offices you’re writing to now.

    If you’re not familiar with the WFIRST mission, here’s a good primer:

    I have sent an e-mail to my Congresscritters; you can too. We really need this mission to go forward and not be stuck at the vaporware stage.

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