Saints Row 2 is finally getting fixed

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    From PC Gaming Wiki:

    Saints Row 2 is finally getting fixed

    The PC port of Saints Row 2 was handled by CD Projekt Black. When the port was released, it was a complete mess. PCs at the time couldn’t run the game well, crashes, speed-up issues, and a huge list of issues were reported with this port. However, this port was never fixed by CD Projeck Black, and while Volition was making updates, and DLC for Saints Row 2 on consoles, its PC port was still unpatched, and never received any DLC. With the shutdown of GameSpy in 2014, the online servers were also lost. All of this combined makes Saints Row 2 one of the worst PC ports ever.


    Yeah, I have Saints Row 2. It runs…. somewhat. The big problem at the time wasn’t the hardware that was available, it was the attitude of the publishers, especially since the XBox is a PC with a low-end graphics card.

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