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    Apparently the project is live again; a director has been assigned. [LINK]

    Back in 2007, Akiva Goldsman and Tobey Maguire set out to produce a live-action version of one of the most beloved Japanese mech anime ever made, Robotech. They went through a number of script rewrites and didn’t seem to be getting any traction. Looking back, it’s not all that surprising, considering there didn’t seem to be a market for that sort of picture.

    But that was then, and this is now. With Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim getting tons of press, a new Godzilla movie on the way and a major Eastern influence on The Wolverine, there seems to be a lot more room for a picture like this to make some headway.

    That’s exactly what happened, and today we can confirm that first-time film director Nic Mathieu has taken the job of bringing Robotech to the big screen.

    My advice to them: go watch the live-action Yamato movie with English subs, and do it like that. That movie’s writer and director had a pretty good grasp on what he could get away with changing, what he could get away with modernizing, and what could be left out… and what had to be left in.

    My only other advice… don’t screw it up, boys. This show has a fanbase that isn’t large, but it is loud.

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    Honestly I’m not expecting much out of this. When movie studios want to capitalize on nostalgia from things people liked when they were children, we get films like Battleship. And I don’t think they’ll do that great a job condensing down thirty-something episodes into an hour and forty-five minutes.


    Hey, the project’s turned a new corner in Development Hell. [LINK]

    Sony Pictures has secured rights to the popular anime series “Robotech” and views the project as a potential film franchise.

    The studio hopes to move quickly into production on the live-action feature, with Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton (“300,” “The Immortals”) producing and Michael Gordon (“300,” “GI Joe”) writing the script. The series centered on humanity’s use of robot technology to fend off alien invaders and has an “Independence Day” meets “Star Wars” vibe. It is seen as having the global appeal necessary to become a blockbuster property.

    Will believe when seen.

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    So who had the film rights two years ago when they tried to develop it then? The article from two years ago didn’t mention a studio, just the director (unless I can’t read – getting old, you know).

    Sounds like, when it was first set up two years ago, they couldn’t find any one interested enough to keep it going. But, then again, development hell is a murky place and who knows what really goes on.

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