Robert "Kryten" Llewellyn releases free audiobook

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    From [LINK]…

    Written in 1994, The Man in the Rubber Mask is one of the most delicious, funny, sweet and specific behind the scenes book you’ll ever read. Covering author Robert Llewellyn’s time as Kryten on Series III, IV and V – as well as the American pilot – its only failing is that there has never been a second edition to take us backstage on series VI, VII VIII and Back to Earth.

    Once again embracing the wide and useful thing we call the Internet, Robert has recorded the book and released it, utterly free, on Audioboo. Chapters one and two are out now – themselves getting close to an hour of entertainment – and the rest will be following as the weeks roll on. You can listen here.

    Oh, and that problem we had about a second edition? Here’s Robert himself: “The book is very dated, many references are also a bit old and early next year, when we have finished shooting the new episodes, I will update this book and release it as an e- and audio-book. So this is just a test to see how it works. Stick with me on this, it can only get better…”

    Go forth and download!


    If you’re looking to download it to your iPod, iPad, iPud, iGiveup, etc., there’s an iTunes link on the page. If you’re looking to download it for another device, keep an eye on the RSS feed page, which has direct download links for the MP3s.

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    That’s so great that he’s releasing his old audiobook for free. I’m a’grabbin’ it right now. Thanks for the info, I would never have found out about it otherwise.

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