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    From Robert “Kryten” Llewellyn’s blog [LINK]

    I get asked so often about if/when we are making another series of Red Dwarf I thought I’d better explain the situation as best I know it.

    The simple fact of the matter is we are officially making another series but we don’t know when. UKTV, the copmany behind Dave who broadcast Red Dwarf X want another series and we’d love to make one. It will be sometime in 2014, but I can’t be any more accurate that because we simply don’t know yet.

    As far as the main cast are concerned, Chris, Danny Craig and myself are all very committed to making another series, Doug Naylor is working on it like a man posessed but beyond that it’s in the lap of the GELFS.

    As soon as I know about when and where and when we will be making series XI, if tickets will be available for the live recordings etc, well anyone who’s followed me for a while on the Twitters will know I will harp on about it like an obsessive loon, until then, I’m afraid I know nothing.

    There you go, gentlemen, straight from the droid’s mouth.


    How about… TWO SEASONS? [LINK]

    Red Dwarf Series XI and XII

    Recording starts late October 2015.

    12 new episodes.

    Broadcast on Dave in the UK in 2016, elsewhere in the world a little later.

    Original cast (they couldn’t get anyone decent to do it)

    Original writer (Doug-Chief of Comedy Police-Naylor)

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    It’d be nice if Doug Naylor could convince Rob Grant to come back to the fold for one last hurrah.


    Red Dwarf XI premieres in September. No word on US distribution (hey, Netflix, you want to impress people and make money?).

    Red Dwarf XI plot details: What will series XI be about?

    You can expect the following storylines:

    • Rimmer accidentally saves the life of a Space Corps Captain and gets promoted;
    • Cat falls in love with a female Cat;
    • Lister wakes up to discover a crazy robot has stolen some of his body parts;
    • Kryten ponders whether or not to leave for a younger crew;
    • The boys land in an alternative America where technology is outlawed (and thus Kryten and Rimmer are illegal).
    • It remains to be seen whether Holly will make a comeback, as the boys are now back in their mothership and the Skutters have surely finished drying him out after Lister left a bath running.

    The title of the first episode is Twentica.

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    Wow, I never thought we’d get another series. It’s been so long since the last one. Are they still considering doing two seasons, or has that been dropped?


    Red Dwarf XII has been shot and will be in post-production as XI airs.

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    It would be nice if Holly or Hilly could come back, but I understand if they chose not to go that direction. Considering how low the budget was on the Dave network’s episodes, I doubt they could afford another cast member.


    Episode titles for Red Dwarf XI, officially released this morning.

    1. Twentica
    2. Samsara
    3. Give And Take
    4. Officer Rimmer
    5. Krysis
    6. Can Of Worms


    Premiere date: September 22nd in the UK.


    I slipped forward into the future to watch the first episode. Turns out Kevin Eldon of Hyperspace fame is in it; barely recognizable though.

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    It took me a bit of time to recognize ol’ Mr. York.

    A quick rating? Meh. It wasn’t especially good or memorable. And the boys are really showing their age. Poor Kryten had to get a new costume made up because Robert Llywellyn has gotten pretty paunchy since the last series.

    We don’t really get a good look at the actual Red Dwarf, so who knows about Holly. Hattie Hayridge maybe could come back, although they cut her from the show to go Red Dwarf-less for a couple years, it didn’t seem to end too badly. Maybe they could bring her back, say that Holly decided to turn back to Hilly/Holly after being dunked in water for months.


    At this point, I’m comfortable with the in-universe explanation that Holly simply no longer works. Probably not the most popular of opinions, but the four leads are where it’s at, even though that makes it a bit of a sausage fest.

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    @ubikuberalles wrote:

    Did someone say sausage fest?

    Well, my brain’s melted. And now I have to throw away those sausages on a stick I have in the fridge I was planning on grilling later. They make me feel dirty now.

    Did you notice how dark the episode was? Most of the scenes were really dimly lit. I wonder if it’s because the guys are looking a bit long in the tooth now. I personally don’t care about that, I’d rather have some sharper jokes thrown in.

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