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    No…no the book/movie about Hannibal Lecter. A startling announcement from SpaceX…

    SpaceX is planning to send Dragons to Mars as early as 2018. Red Dragon missions will help inform the overall Mars architecture that will be unveiled later this year.

    These missions will help demonstrate the technologies needed to land large payloads propulsively on Mars.

    Man, that came outta nowhere. Where do I sign up? I’ll bring my own potatoes and disco music…


    NASA offers cautious clarification… [LINK]

    Among the many exciting things we’re doing with American businesses, we’re particularly excited about an upcoming SpaceX project that would build upon a current “no-exchange-of-funds” agreement we have with the company. In exchange for Martian entry, descent, and landing data from SpaceX, NASA will offer technical support for the firm’s plan to attempt to land an uncrewed Dragon 2 spacecraft on Mars.

    As the saying goes, “spaceflight is hard.” Sending astronauts to Mars, which will be one of the greatest feats of human innovation in the history of civilization, carries with it many, many puzzles to piece together. That’s why we at NASA have made it a priority to reach out to partners in boardrooms, classrooms, laboratories, space agencies and even garages across our country and around the world.


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    Yes, garages. Did I forget to mention I have an old surplus MX missile in my garage (sans nukes)? I think I can fly it to Mars if I add these new “presto logs” to the solid fuel rocket. I just have to make a few engineering modifications and NASA is helping out on the details. I also have to figure out the sequence: I think the green one is first, the yellow one is second and the red one – that’s the one with the point of no return – is the final one.

    And, yes, my garage is VERY long.


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    I think, my good Earl, that you are forgetting the valuable lessons taught to us by the great Andy Griffith in the classic television program, Salvage One. Although they didn’t do much in a garage if I remember right, it was mostly an open air junkyard.


    I remember that show well enough that I recently…eh…acquired it. Possibly with an eye toward adding it to the episode guides down the road. 😆

    Steve WSteve W
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    How does it hold up from pilot TV movie to the last episode? At what point do the writers run out of ideas, around the halfway mark or less than a quarter of the way through the first season?


    I haven’t watched any significant amount of it yet, but rest assured, it’s on the schedule for one of the upcoming books.

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