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    I gave up collecting Star Trek figures years ago – circa ST: First Contact – when Playmates forced a scale change (4″ to 6″) down everyone’s throats. And while Art Asylum’s 6″ figures have been great and Bif Bang Pow’s Mego recreations have been nifty, I’ve opted to sit out both. But I might consider snatching up ReAction‘s new classic Star Trek line, which is in the 3 3/4″ “Star Wars” scale. Some of the first wave, due in March:

    I could complain that they didn’t go properly groovy/’60s on the packaging, but you know… it’s not that big a deal. They can still help the Big Lebowski search for the Fifth Element.

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    I wonder how well these would have sold if they were released around the end of the first season of TOS. Along with some appropriately sized toys and playsets. Considering that boy’s toys back then consisted of gigantic G.I. Joe figures, something more conveniently sized might have taken the market by storm.


    A second wave is already in the works, and it’s a curious assortment: Kirk, Scotty, the Gorn, and Vina (as the Orion dancing girl from “The Cage”).

    Also in the works: Big Bang Theory figures from the episode where everyone was in various Star Trek uniforms. Much like Playmates, once you’ve got the body molds for the uniforms for each gender, just go ape with it.


    Wave 2:

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    Does the Kirk action figure come with some bamboo, salt peter, sulpher, carbon, twine and a big ol’ diamond? He needs something to construct a weapon against the gorn action figure.


    Scotty really should have come with a bottle of Saurian brandy.

    I picked up Spock and McCoy the other day. Not terrible, but certainly not as good as the ’90s Playmates figures. As with my other ReAction figures, they stay on the cards next to the “vintage collection” Star Wars figures.

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