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    So an interesting piece of news has apparently come to light. Bryan Fuller, former Voyager writer/producer and later creator/showrunner of such things as Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, has revealed that the now-oft-forgotten two-episode guest role for Sarah Silverman on Voyager almost turned into a full time tour of duty.

    His revelation came in a Twitter post… or tweet… twat.. twit… anyway:

    LIL’ KNOWN: STAR TREK: VOYAGER producers considered making @SarahKSilverman a regular after her S3 turn as plucky present day astronomer.

    If you recall, she played a grad student astronomer in the episode where Voyager has to go back to 1996 and stop “Captain Braxton” from trashing the timeline. She seemed to have a little bit of a thing for Tom Paris, but wasn’t sure what was up with “gangsta” Tuvok. I remember that guest shot well – I thought she was intensely cute.

    Fuller later clarified to TrekMovie.com [LINK] that Brannon Braga was leading the push to keep the character, and Silverman, on the show; as it is, she stayed in 1996 and instead we got Seven of Nine as a new regular at the beginning of season 4.

    The reactions from fandom are kind of surprising – a lot of people seem to be reacting to the news in light of Silverman’s work since then, without any regard to how the character could’ve freshened things up on Voyager from ’96 onward when she was a relative newcomer to the biz. It would seem that the studio, UPN and the producers decided they didn’t need a dash of humor and modern-day audience identification, they needed a Borg babe in a catsuit.

    You know, there’s a reason UPN ain’t around anymore. Just sayin’.

    Who do you think would’ve been the better addition?

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