R.I.P. Ron Glass

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    Firefly is too damn recent a show to lose a major cast member. [LINK]

    Ron Glass, who played stylish and sassy NYPD detective/aspiring author Ron Harris on ABC’s long-running sitcom Barney Miller, died on Friday, a spokesperson for the veteran actor has confirmed for TVLine. He was 71.

    No further details have yet been made available.

    In addition to his role on the Emmy-winning workplace comedy, Glass portrayed the spiritual Shepherd Book on Fox’s short-lived sci-fi drama Firefly (as well as its big-screen follow-up, Serenity). His lengthy resume also included fellow one-and-done programs including The New Odd Couple (in the Felix Unger role), Rhythm & Blues, Mr. Rhodes and Teen Angel, as well as guest appearances on All in the Family, Sanford and Son, The Streets of San Francisco, Amen and Friends.

    I’m ready to roll my sleeves up, escort 2016 into a back alley, and explain some stuff to it. Forcefully.

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