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    We keep losing them. [LINK]

    Golden Globe nominated actor Richard Hatch, whose career spanned nearly a half-decade, today passed into eternity while surrounded by family and friends after an extended illness. Best known as Captain Apollo in the 1978 original Battlestar Galactica, and then as Tom Zarek in the 2003 re-imagined version, His career started with a stint on All My Children in 1971 as Philip Brent, and put in appearances on series ranging from Hawaii Five-O to The Streets of San Francisco to Baywatch. In more recent years Richard has been featured in a range of independent productions.

    By all accounts, a fantastically nice guy if fans happened to run into him, always encouraging of their own creative endeavours. And I think he was the olive branch that made a lot of diehard, not-gonna-watch-that-new-Galactica-remake fans give the re-imagined 21st century show a try.

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