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    2016 evidently feels it has to remind the makers of The Walking Dead who’s really on a killing spree. [LINK]

    Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns has died aged 57 after suffering a cardiac arrest, his management has said. A statement on Twitter said it was with “greatest sadness” that it had to break the “tragic news” that Burns died suddenly on Sunday.

    Burns had a hit with You Spin Me Round in 1985 and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.

    “You Spin Me Round” was a high water mark of my young life in terms of really hearing someone sing the living hell out of something. Perhaps in retrospect there are better examples, sure, but the song still holds up. I know Burns is probably more famous at this point for the whole gender-bending image, but that voice left little doubt – as Austin Powers once said, “that’s a man, baby!”

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    Urg… he’s had a lot of plastic surgery done. Those lips look cartoonish. Lots of body dysmorphia there.

    You Spin Me Round was one of those songs that I totally missed back in the day. Once I got out of school I had no real reason to listen to the radio, 1987 to late 1990 is a musical void for me. It only ended when I had saved enough money to buy my first car and buy a nice stereo from Sears. Then it was right into grunge and the shoegazer movement. And I started buying ’80s compilation CDs and discovering a lot of stuff that passed me by.

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