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    Busy TV director Cliff Bole, who was behind the cameras for The Best Of Both Worlds parts I & II, died on February 15th. [LINK]

    Best known for his directing work on Star Trek, Cliff directed twenty-five episodes of the first blockbuster series, The Next Generation, seven of Deep Space Nine and ten of Voyager. The Bolians, a race of aliens introduced in The Next Generation episode “Conspiracy,” were named for him. Television series in which Cliff served as a director include: Baywatch, Charlie’s Angels, Fantasy Island, MacGyver, M.A.N.T.I.S., Matt Houston, Mission Impossible, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Spencer for Hire, Strike Force, The Six Million Dollar Man, The X Files, T.J. Hooker, and Vega$.

    You can check out his ridiculously long list of Trek directing credits here – aside from the perennial Borg favorite, he was assigned some of the most memorable episodes (especially where TNG was concerned).

    I also remember on DS9, Sisko and Dax reminiscing about “climbing the cliffs of Bole.” Between that and the Bolians, they really liked this guy. Judging by the giant list of credits in his obit there, he was reliable and frequently on-or-under-budget with his stuff. That’s about the only way you amass a list of credits like that.

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    The last directing credit is for a 2007 episode of Supernatural.

    Perhaps it’s time to compile a section called “Are they dead Jim?”

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