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    Here’s a quick question for anyone who’s bothering to download the e-‘zine (the next issue will be out this week): are you reading it on a screen or is anyone actually printing it out?

    Let me know here; I’d like to know before starting work on the summer issue. I will say that I’ll be very surprised if anyone’s actually printing it out, but I thought it best to find out before I go making any big decisions about silly stuff like the layout and interior color.

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    I don’t have a color printer anymore, so I just read it on the screen.


    The new “ish” is out now!

    Based on the feedback I’m seeing here and on Facebook (which truthfully doesn’t amount to a lot of feedback… am I really laying out a 30+ page magazine for three people? Talk about knowing your audience… 😆 ), nobody’s printing this out. Not sure why I was entertaining the illusion that anyone was doing so, but there ya go. Next issue will be more colorful.

    The thought’s occurred to print out copies of the two B&W issues so far (the 2011 annual and this new one), do a very short run of the cover pages in color, and have them available at OVGE for promotional purposes… maybe something like 15-20 copies of each. Just a thought, one that will probably evaporate as soon as I see the price tag for color printing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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