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    What’s with that price tag? Does it come with a working spore drive? [LINK]


    The U.S.S. Discovery™ (NCC-1031), a 23rd century Crossfield-class ship, becomes one of the most important weapons in the war between the Federation and Klingons as the crew journeys across the galaxy. Based on the CBS All Access series “Star Trek: Discovery”—which transports viewers to a time before the familiar five-year mission of the original Star Trek™ series—this Christmas tree ornament features the namesake vessel that embraces the same ideology and intrepid legacy that has inspired generations. Battery-operated light feature includes three replaceable LR41 batteries.

    Available July 14, 2018

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    But THIS may be the real “get” this year. [LINK]

    In addition to the main range, there is also a convention exclusive pair of ornaments; M’Ress and Arex from The Animated Series. These have been rendered in the same style as the long running Star Trek Legends series, so it’s really pleasing to see the TAS characters get to join the rest of the TOS crew released in previous years. Plus Arex’s pose is just awesome!

    These will be a limited edition of 2800, available to members of the Keepsake Ornaments Club, and at San Diego Comic-Con, Star Trek Las Vegas, and New York Comic Con.

    The Star Trek Legends ornaments are about the same size as the old Playmates 4″ TOS/TNG/DS9/Voyager figures…which means these could be displayed among them seamlessly…so yeah, I want one of those 2800 sets of these. I’ve already pestered a friend of mine who’s going to STLV.

    Mress and Arex

    Steve WSteve W
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    It’s about time I remembered to stop and buy a copy of the USS Discovery. The bronze color is… odd. It’s a little too strong, it should be more silver with light bronze overtones, not just brown with a shiny metallic coating.

    A lot of people have problems with the design of the Discovery – I like it to an extent, I don’t see the point of the saucer rotating in different directions (other than making it look different from past versions of Star Trek vessels because of legal reasons) and the thinness of the saucer looks janky. I do appreciate their interesting take on Starfleet designs (other than the USS Shran, that one’s a bomb).

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