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    A pilot presentation for a new series that was never picked up back in 2000. This was directed by Jonathan Frakes and has an amazing cast. It was created after Deep Space 9 ended. They modified some of the sets from DS9 and a lot of the crew and VFX team from DS9 worked on it.

    Mike Okuda says:

    Somewhere around 2000, Denise, I, and Doug Drexler worked on a s-f comedy pilot titled Star Patrol. It was directed by Jonathan Frakes and it was filmed on the same soundstages where Babylon 5 had been made. There were a fair number of Trek alumni on this one: Producer Steve Oster, director of photography Jonathan West, VFX supervisor David Takemura, production designer Randall McIlvain, video engineer Ben Betts, plus in the graphics department, Anthony Fredrickson and Greg Jein. We even used a few set pieces borrowed from DS9. Lots of fun. Too bad it wasn’t picked up.

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