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    Been playing around with layout/illustration ideas for the eventual PDF book (you know there’ll be one eventually).

    The reason I’m looking at applying “looks” to the pictures to begin with: I’ve taken pictures at several Classic Gaming Expos, several OVGE/OKGEs, 1984, you name it – with three or four different cameras. The camera I was using until mid-’05 was 640×480 pixels. Now I’ve got something that operates in kajillions of megapixels. So there’ll be some sort of effect in play obfuscating the line between old and new pictures.

    First “look” I tried out is “sketchy/charcoal artwork look with pixel border”. Let me know what you think.

    Another thing about the eventual PDF book is that it’ll split the difference between revising stuff from the site, telling stories from my childhood and adolescence that have a video game connection (a la Commodork), and also mixing the history of the industry in there as well. There’ll be a chronological progression to it, both of the story of the early days of the industry and of the person telling that story, with a smattering of “games that I happen to think are really influential” along the way. I’m not ruling out some more comprehensive encyclopedia-like volumes at a later date.

    This’ll be sometime in 2011 by the way.

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