Paramount can’t revive Trek on TV, so this will do instead

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    Just remember not to bust out the Omega 13 until sweeps, guys. [LINK]

    Like with other library movies, which Paramount is mining for TV series, Galaxy Quest is being adapted with key auspices from the film on board. That includes the feature’s writer, Robert Gordon — who is expected to pen the TV version — director, Dean Parisot, and producer Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad). The three are expected to executive produce the potential series along with Johnson’s Gran Via Prods. partner Melissa Bernstein. Paramount TV declined comment.

    Other movie titles from the Paramount catalogue that the studio’s TV division is turning into series with the original auspices include straight-to-series comedy School Of Rock at Nickelodeon, with the film’s director Richard Linklater and producer Scott Rudin; drama Shooter, which has a pilot order at USA, with the movie’s star Mark Wahlberg producing; as well as a Shutter Island series for HBO with Martin Scorsese that is among Pat TV’s projects in development. Additionally, Paramount TV is co-producing the Minority Report Fox pilot, which is considered likely to go to series.

    Smart money says this’ll be GQ:TNG, though, because you couldn’t get Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, or Tony Shalhoub on weekly TV and still afford, well, sets.

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    Yeah, my big concerns are that they can find actors to fill the roles properly and that they can deliver episodes that do the movie justice. It’s always possible that this turns out to be great, think of Stargate SG-1 and how it turned an okay popcorn movie into a long running show by really building a good strong world for the characters to play in.

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    A certain amount of stubbornness and dedication to the cause is needed too. SG-1, IMHO, had a rough start during the first season (I found the first few episodes predictable and painful to watch) but the studio kept with it and the show became a success.

    Heck, it was even worse with Star Trek TNG. Not only was the first season shaky (some could say it sucked) but the second season had issues too. Most series have a rough few episodes at the beginning of the run as they figure out the characters and the surrounding environment.


    GQ:TV has gone straight to Amazon. Once again… you’ve let us down too many times, network TV. Screw you. [LINK]

    By Grabthar’s hammer, Amazon Studios has signed on to develop a TV series based on “Galaxy Quest.”

    While it’s unclear if the original cast will be utilized, original director Dean Parisot, co-writer Robert Gordon and executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein are on board.


    And it’s dead in the water.

    Because it was apparently, secretly, going to be a one-off revival of the movie. And Tim Allen was unavailable. And then Alan Rickman died.

    So…no more Galaxy Quest.

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    Eh, I’m fine with that. It was a perfect movie as it was, there’s no need for revisiting it. Not every movie needs a sequel, not every old TV show needs a modern film update, not every well-regarded classic movie needs a remake or reboot. Just leave it alone, Hollywood.


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    I like Galaxy Quest, but it seemed like a one-joke movie to me. The crew was really actors, but they embraced their roles and saved the day. What would a sequel or a television show even be? I’m kind of glad this didn’t progress.


    I don’t know how one would extend that joke; the only obvious avenue is to transfer the same joke to a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” situation and do the same crap to a new crew. I don’t think that would keep butts in seats, either in a theater or in front of Netflix. I mean, there’s Daredevil and Dragon Riders of Berk waiting to be watched, to say nothing of the new Pee Wee flick. A reload-and-rerun of Galaxy Quest…eh. It’s sad to learn what scrapped the plans, but maybe they needed better plans to begin with.

    And someone needs to tattoo “not every movie needs a sequel” across their forehead and run naked through the streets of Hollywood. Just to make sure that message gets attention. I’m of the opinion that The Matrix would’ve been better off as a single movie.

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    And it’s alive in the water. Wriggling. Making little noises. [LINK]

    Amazon’s Galaxy Quest TV revival is back on track.

    Writer-actor-comedian Paul Scheer (The League) has been tapped to pen the script for the Paramount Television-produced series. Scheer takes over for the feature film’s original scribe, Robert Gordon, who was on board to pen the script for the Amazon reboot.

    The Amazon series is described as a new take on the cult movie that starred Tim Allen and the late Alan Rickman as well as Sigourney Weaver. It remains unclear if any of the original stars, such as Tony Shalhoub, Sam Rockwell, Daryl Mitchell and Enrico Colantoni, will return.

    For his part, [Tim] Allen is now available for the Galaxy Quest project after ABC canceled Last Man Standing.

    So…more Galaxy Quest?

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