Paragon’s Paragon: is this the first Star Trek fan film?

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    From 1974. Highlights here on Youtube.

    For the time, for what they had to work with, the “look” actually isn’t terrible.

    The set is impressive; the books we have now detailing every angle, every measurement… didn’t exist yet back then.

    The righteous sideburns, mullets and mutton chops are perhaps even more impressive. Vive la ’70s.

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    The sets are really impressive, although it seems that bad lighting is a constant across all fan films, regardless of when they were made.

    Too bad the audio was lost. It’d be nice to see if the actor playing Kirk was attempting to do the “Shatner cadence” on set.

    I kind of have to wonder what happened to the sets when the film was over. Are they built in some guy’s backyard shed, nowadays filled with stacks of National Geographics, an old lawnmower, broken avacado green-colored kitchen appliances and rotting cardboard boxes full of bell bottoms, just waiting to be discovered by the filmmaker’s grandchildren?

    The hairstyles are weirdly distracting for me. You can see how drastically haircuts changed from the mid-60s when Trek was started to the mid-70s when this was made. They put so much effort into sets and costumes, but nobody could cut their hair for the role?

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