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    If you want to learn more, you don’t have to go far – theLogBook hosts OVGE’s web presence.

    Barring what seems like the very slim possibility that I might get a job whose schedule isn’t OVGE-friendly, I’ll be there this year. Looks like the venue will be a bigger place this year, more like an actual convention space than the store last year. (Not hating on the place – it was there or nothing last year.)

    This also means I’m going to miss Konsplosion in Fort Smith completely. Somehow, magically, Konsplosion and OVGE always land on the same day. I’m not doing panels or speaking this year, just vendor tables; that means either holding down a vendor table all weekend at Konsplosion, or one day at OVGE.


    We’re about a week and a half out. Any of you usual suspects making the trip again this year?

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    I was going to go. In fact, I made a reservation a couple weeks ago at a Fairfield hotel in downtown Tulsa. However, I was hit with a cold last Thursday and still feel a little weak. Even if I make a full recovery by Friday, I still will not make it since the opportunity to prepare for the trip (arrangements for cats, clean up house, wash clothes, etc.) has passed. Driving 600 miles in one day is very stressful and nothing short of a full recovery would be acceptable as a safety precaution. Nodding off on I-40 is not a good thing.

    I also heard that Rob canceled and Brian is not going which killed a big chunk of my enthusiasm for the trip. I love you Earl, but not enough to drive all that way just to see you.

    I just need to remember to cancel my hotel reservations before Thursday. Stupid cold.


    I can relate – I have a serious sinus infection and the antibiotics I’ve been given to fight it… they just hurt. Seriously. Empty stomach, full stomach, doesn’t matter. Within 15 minutes of taking one, it’s like someone fashions a crude throwing star out of steak knives and sets it spinning inside my gut. But I still have to take this twice a day. So you won’t really be missing me at my best.

    In all likelihood, if the tabletop mini-arcade tournament hadn’t been announced and promoted already…I would have cancelled. My other main reason for going is that it’s practically part of Little E’s birthday, going to OVGE each year (for the past 2-3 years it’s been a week before his birthday). Finances being what they are due to my job[less] situation, I’m afraid this may be all he really gets to do for his birthday this year.

    I’m looking forward to, and simutaneously dreading, it. Traveling light this year: no consoles, no TVs, no monitors. Just the 6 tabletop games for the tournament, spare batteries for those, the remaining copies of my books, Little E’s bead art offerings, and leftover action figures for sale from GlitchCon. I really don’t feel up to carrying much more than that.

    So I don’t blame you one bit. Sigh.


    OVGE was better this year than last; Little E sold a heap of bead critters, and made about $50, much of which he immediately blew on a DS game, a GBA game, and a Pikachu Amiibo. A few other items were given to him because word got out that his birthday falls a week after the show. He was a very happy boy.

    I was present physically, but not quite mentally. I was just wiped out. Between being sick and the antibiotics, I was a bit of a zombie.

    The venue this year had air conditioning, and amazingly for an event space attached to a casino, virtually none of the smoke smell from the casino floor made it into the show. (The two occasions on which I had to step out of the show area to go to the casino restroom…I could’ve choked, the smoke was that thick. I think the atmosphere was 800 parts per million pure cancer.)

    I was glad the vendors were OK with Little E “working the floor” and talking to them so much, probably talking their ears off about Pokemon and/or Minecraft. I only had one brief moment where I looked up and realized I didn’t know where he was…it’s because he was sitting behind me calmly and quietly playing his new DS game.

    I was unable to sell a single book or action figure this year to save my life, though I don’t blame anyone for not patronizing the Sick Guy. Next year’s strategy is crystal clear: bring both boys, have them do the selling because they’re cute kids. Me… I’ll be sitting somewhere quietly playing games because I’m not cute and precocious. 😆

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    I forgot to ask before you left for Tulsa, but did you perchance take a picture of the exterior of the Casino?

    I ask because, when I was planning for the trip, Google maps showed only a vacant lot where the Casino was supposed to be.


    It rose, Minecraft-like, from the surrounding terrain as I drove up!

    Seriously though, I could tell it was reasonably new – parts of the parking lot/access road still under construction, etc.

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