Okay, suddenly the Hot Wheels Star Trek cars look awesome.

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    Because this… this is just… holy… what??!? [LINK]

    For sale: a painted sex wagon sporting a mural of Spock riding a half naked woman. Some images NSFW, due to highly illogical airbrushed boobs.

    The new owner (not original) is reluctantly selling this “1978 GMC G15 Custom Star Trek ‘boogie’ Van” on craigslist. We think “boogie” is slang for “horrifying f__k machine.” And who wouldn’t want to spend around $10,000 on a van that you couldn’t drive anywhere. Behold.

    One can only assume that, at some point in 1980, maybe ’81, the van was left at the artist’s place for a couple of weeks, and the entire disturbing back area, prior to being slathered in red vellux, was completely full of finest quality pot.

    It’s the only logical explanation.

    Maybe it belonged to Stephen “Commander Decker” Collins?

    Sorry, too soon.

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    If it belonged to Stephen Collins, the woman would have been uncomfortably younger.

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    Someone’s got a Spock fantasy going on…

    The only logical explanation for that painting is that it is a shot from the episode “All Our Yesterdays”. However, the girl looks NOTHING like Mariette Hartley and the landscape isn’t the snowbound wilderness I would expect to see. Knowing how shy Vulcans are about discussing their mating rituals (aka sex life), many Vulcans would find the picture a gross misrepresentation of their race.

    No doubt, if that painting showed up in the Star Trek universe, Vulcans would protest…quietly, of course, with a well reasoned argument.


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