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    In one of my November podcasts, I mentioned how I wish I could will an enamel pin of the Odyssey2 logo into existence, just so I could get one and add it to my jacket-full-o’-pins.

    I am currently working with an outfit based in the US which does custom designs to actually make this happen; hopefully in time for it to be the lead news item in the February edition of Select Game. If at least 35 people pre-order it, it will go into production and be shipped to the customers; if that threshold isn’t met, everyone gets refunded, no harm, no foul.

    I’m not making a dime off the deal; I just wanted the thing to exist so I could get one.

    If this one goes well, I’m already discussing other designs with them, some retro-pop-culture related but not necessarily video game related, that will be done on the same basis.

    Also in the planning is a pin of the new theLogBook.com logo, but I’ll be eating the cost of that one and distribute those myself to whoever wants one.

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