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    That Obi-Wan standalone movie that got taken off the schedule after Solo underperformed at the box office? Might become a TV project instead. [LINK]

    Although the ‘Boba Fett’ film was canned, ‘The Mandalorian’ follows a similar type of character and as time went on, people begun to theorise that the ‘Obi-Wan’ film would also get transformed into a Disney+ series.

    StarWarsNewsNet then released a report stating that they had been told that a ‘Obi Wan’ Series was in development for Disney+. When discussing with our sources, we were told their report was accurate regarding a ‘Obi Wan’ series likely being in early development for Disney+. It is currently unknown who will make up the writing staff, as well as who will be the showrunner. However we do know, like with all current Star Wars projects that Kathleen Kennedy will executive produce. The series is expected to be limited and only be between 6-8 episodes rather than have multiple seasons. Filming is planned to take place in Pinewood Studios, UK similar to where the film was eyed to base production.

    In regards to whether Ewan McGregor will reprise his role as Obi-Wan, it is currently unclear but I cannot imagine them doing it without him since McGregor wants to reprise the role and he was beloved by fans in the role.

    Of course, this assumes that it’s not the Young Obi-Wan Chronicles or something like that…which, honestly, I don’t think anyone would buy into. What people want to see is more Ewan McGregor channeling Alec Guiness. Interesting blip of possible news (i.e. not confirmed by Disney) at any rate.

    Whose miniseries would you be more excited about: Picard or Kenobi?

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