Now your Oric is compatible with Orac: Blake's 7 game

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    What a delightfully obscure collision of subject matter and platform. [LINK]

    Blake’s 7 is a Point & Click adventure game for your Oric with specifications as you’ve never seen before.

    Resembling LucasArts games such as Maniac Mansion or The Secret of Monkey Island, Blake’s 7 brings everything you loved from those games to the humble Oric machines.

    In this game you play the role of Roj Blake, a content citizen living in one of the many domed cities in Planet Earth, under the Terran Federation Government. From the beginning you’ll learn that something is not as it should be. You often have nightmares and start to worry about your family, who are supposed to live in an outer colony, while you work here for 10 years in exchange.

    A friend of yours, Ravella, will introduce you to a much more cruel reality, which will make you reconsider who you are, your own past, and your future.

    B7 B7 B7

    I’ve never played anything on the Oric in emulation, but that’s going to change.

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    I have no idea if there is an Oric emulator for the Mac, now I guess I have a reason to search for one.

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