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    James Cawley is calling it a day at Star Trek: New Voyages. [LINK]

    I am in the process of closing up shop. It has been quite some time since I enjoyed making a fan film. There is way too much drama off the screen, when it should be on it. I am nearly 50 years old and have a job, family and home that occupy the largest part of my life and hobbies are supposed to be fun. When they cease to be fun, you should not be doing them. Honestly, I should have stopped right after “Blood and Fire” in 07′ as that really is the last time I really had fun.

    The New Voyages site is down.

    Steve WSteve W
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    Ah well. He’s right, once the hobby that let you briefly shove aside the everyday drudgery of your life becomes a burden to you, it’s time to find another hobby.


    Cawley is not, however, about to piss away every penny he’s spent building the sets, though. Introducing Star Trek Tours, an officially licensed Paramount/CBS tourist attraction. [LINK]

    TICONDEROGA, NY, July 14, 2016 – Star Trek super-fan James Cawley is honoring the 50th anniversary of the iconic franchise with the opening of his meticulously designed Star Trek: The Original Series set tour. Located in historic Ticonderoga, New York and under license by CBS Consumer Products, the set tour brings memories to life by allowing fans to boldly go and tour the sets of the legendary Starship Enterprise.

    Recreated exactly as they were laid out on the “Desilu” (now Paramount Pictures) Stage 9 in Hollywood for the original run of Star Trek, guests will be able to step onto the soundstage and be transported directly back to 1966. Starting this July, visitors can receive guided tours, photo opportunities and an immersive experience into the world of the classic television series.

    A true franchise fan, Cawley began creating the sets in 1997 after receiving a copy of the original set blueprints from Star Trek: The Original SeriesTOS costume designer William Ware Theiss. From there he spent 15 years researching, crafting, and refining his set replicas alongside other dedicated fans and craftspeople. Cawley was joined on the project by Star Trek alumni and fellow fans including prop fabricator Ed Miarecki and concept designer and SFX supervisor Daren R. Dochterman.

    Studying stills and frame captures from the series and sourcing vintage materials and antiques, Cawley ensured even the smallest details were accurately and lovingly reproduced including an array of props and set decorations. The result is a stunning achievement offering the most complete and accurate reproduction of the original standing sets from Star Trek: The Original Series.

    “To me there is no other franchise around that is more enjoyable and more socially relevant than Star Trek,” said James Cawley. “I’m very thankful for all the support I’ve received on this project and can’t wait to begin welcoming my fellow fans this summer.”

    It’s funny how it’s never mentioned even once that fan films used to be made there.

    You know, Cawley’s no idiot. This is making lemonade out of lemons right here. But damn, the prices.

    Our Opening is July 30th, 2016. Admission Prices will be:

    Adult: $22.50
    Senior: $20.00
    Child: $11.00

    Please check back for more information and to purchase admission tickets.

    I’ve said it before, will say it again…thanks, Axanar.

    I wonder, with a shudder, if my friends in Oklahoma City are watching this closely.


    Comments from other fan film makers:

    Vic Mignogna, Star Trek Continues: James Cawley’s sets have always been exceptional recreations of the originals, and it’s great that fans will have the chance to tour them. Congrats to all!

    Alec Peters, Axanar: Cawley’s sets open for CBS Licensed tours. (It should be noted that I was the guy who actually secured a lease on this studio when no one at Phase II could find a new building to move into. Have I ever been thanked? Nope. James never even mentions it.

    For f___’s sake, Peters, it’s not always about you.

    And gee, Peters, while you’re here, do tell, why is James’ privately-owned studio full of handcrafted sets now left with no other function than to be a tourist attraction? Hmmmmm?

    Steve WSteve W
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    Wow, Alex Peters is an incredible douche, isn’t he? I’ve known a few people with the name Alex, and quite a large percentage seem to be unpleasant human beings. I wonder if giving a baby the name Alex is a one way ticket to jerk-dom?

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