New US figure has UK collectors up in arms…

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    …and it’s not even a terribly impressive figure. Diamond Select Distributors is bringing the “newly regenerated Fourth Doctor” figure to the States – basically Tom Baker’s head on a Jon Pertwee body, so it’s not as if this is really much of a new or interesting character.

    So why are UK collectors pissed off? In their country, this figure was a very limited edition included only with a 50th anniversary box set that included much of Baker’s first season on DVD (including a bonus-feature-less “vanilla” version of the restored Terror of the Zygons prior to that story’s wide release with bonus features), a reprint of one of the ’90s BBC Books novels featuring the fourth Doctor, and a reproduced hand-written note from Tom Baker.

    So the fan fury runs along these lines: I had to buy an expensive box set, which included a DVD that was inferior to its general release, just to get this figure, whereas the Americans can skip the box set, get the full DVD and the figure without the ridiculous expense.

    Eh. I’d have to see this figure marked down to fire-sale clearance prices before I’d bother. What say ye, Hastings?

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