Lynne: new album "in October or something"?

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    This is intriguing and yet maddeningly vague. [LINK]

    Lynne explained to me before the event, that, in and of itself, is magic.

    “Obviously songwriting is like you can either work for days or months on it and you still can’t get it right. Or one will come straight to your head and it’s finished in about 10 minutes,” he said. “So songwriting is so elusive and if you get it right it’s such a thrill to get an award for it. And this is an award for all of my songs, from day one really.”

    Thinking about one song that really excited him, where he felt that thunderbolt, he said, “The last album, there was a song called “‘When I Was a Boy’ and that’s one of my most favorite moments.”

    Then adding, in a win for all music fans, “I’ve got a brand new album nearly ready to come out in October or something.”

    October. Or something. Maybe “October Or Something” should be the name of the album. What’s also vague is…is this an ELO album or Long Wave II? (Or Armchair Theatre II?) Can he top the outstanding Alan Parsons album we got this year?

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