Miracle Day #1 – The New World

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    This is how to restart a show fresh without completely trashing everything that’s gone before.

    A surprising number of mentions of the 456 incident. Now, it’s done in a way that’s flavoring if you followed Children Of Earth, but it isn’t foreground stuff that’ll completely bewilder new viewers. In a similar vein, even Owen gets mentioned… sort of.

    The culture shock stuff was pretty amusing. “What is this bridge? You mean Wales is outside England?”

    I think Gwen has officially out-bad-assed Sarah Connor in the “bad-ass mom” category.

    Gwen is super paranoid, and perhaps not unjustifiably so. She’s not presented in the same light as she has been previously. There’s no way she can be – she’s no longer the “viewpoint character” that the audience follows into this thing (obviously Esther is now filling that role). She’s been through too much.

    “Captain Jack Bollocks”

    I’ve never seen Bill Pullman in a role like this before. Very creepy. Not the sort of character you’d ever expect him to play.

    I don’t know what to think of Rex just yet. He’s a pain in the ass, but I’m guessing by the end of the story he’ll be a pain in the ass who’s on our side. Or something like that.


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